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  1. I lived in a Wingfoot trailer in 1960 in Phoenix, AZ on the site of my parents’ restaurant across from the old Motorola plant on East McDowell Rd. It certainly met all our needs! Glad to see them remembered. I wish I had photos to share

  2. I lived in a wingfoot when I was a little girl!!!! My dad was an engineer working for Department of Reclamation, desigining irrigation systems in Montana and the Dakotas after WWII. As he finished one job, we moved on to the next, so we had the stability of our wingfoot home. I am so refreshed as I read this article and see the pictures! Wow. History, right there. We had only one bedroom, I do remember that. Granny slept on the sofa in the dining/living area, and my sister and I slept on shelves in the closet. Pretty sure we played outside a lot! Thank you for this article!!!

    1. I am writing a book about the history of the Shadehill Community and Shadehill Dam. I have found that there were Wingfoot home brought to Lemmon South Dakota for the Government and Construction workers in 1948. Where in SD did you live?

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words! I appreciate you so much. I do
    love the history behind our homes and love to share them as I find
    them. I certainly can't take credit, I just scour the…Thanks again!

    1. Hi I just happened to look up this site and found that I have been renting these wingfoots for almost 30 years. I shut them down last year after growing weary of trying to keep them up. Very cool to see more of the history. I have a plack that they put in everyone of them.

  4. I haven't seen a Wingfoot, but I must say that you find the most interesting "trailer" information to write about! I love reading your storys about the vintage trailers!

    We moved out of our mobile after 22 years. It was a great place to raise the kids and live a good life at a reasonable expense. We are now in a cozy 100 year old farmhouse, and I love it, but I still stop by your blog to check out the interesting mobile home remodels and articles! Keep up the good work!