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  1. Good information but two important steps were missed in the tub painting process. You need to use something like Di-Aqua from RPM Technology to remove any silicone oils left over from the silicone caulk. After you clean the tub there is no reason to sand at all. What you need is a special wipe-on adhesion promoter. Most professional applicators use this stuff. You can get it from Napco, Topkote, Resurface Solutions or other online sellers of professional tub reglazing products. These steps will eliminate most of the problems people have with big box tub refinishing products.

  2. can you tell me what would be the best product to use to fix a leak in the back of a shower 2001 friendship. we had to remove some of the wall to get into the back of the shower. We want to use 50 year old tongue and groove wall paneling that is treated to close the wall. But i have to stop the leak. Im disabled and working with 2 young sons

    1. Hi Mary,

      I’m not sure if you mean you have a plumbing leak or a leak from the roof/wall. If it’s a plumbing leak you’ll need to replace the pipe or fitting causing the leak. If it’s the wall or roof you’ll need to find exactly where water is entering the home and patch that with new material. Best of luck!

  3. I bought a 1990 Redman 14×76. The terrible caulk around the tub and connected surrounding wall was removed.
    Is there a lip on the tub that hooks with the wall? (So no caulking is needed)
    or that is a must to prevent water damage?
    What would be the best sealants?

  4. Can I install bars or something to help me get out of the tub easily.
    I have been told I can’t install grab bars on the the fiberglass walls around the tub They will not hold the weight.
    We all need help getting out of the bath tub……Any suggestions would be welcomed.

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      I have bars attached to my fiberglass tub. As long as you drill pilot holes first, screw both ends of the bars into a stud behind the surround, and seal the holes very well (and do so regularly) you should have no issues. I also had one of those suction type bars on my tub when my leg was still healing and it held much better than I thought it would. I was still scared to put my entire weight on it so we went ahead and drilled through the surround with no problem.

      Best of luck!

      1. The suction type bars are absolutely the best and you can place them, and reposition them all around your shower. They are about $15 on Amazon if I remember right. I’ve never put all my weight on them, but they seem to be very strong. Are handy as all get out!!! Bed, Bath, and Beyond has really nice ones for $30.

  5. The tub in our smaller bathroom has a thick coating of what appears to be some kind of lime and just gunk. The tub is ABS and it’s actually causing it to turn orange! I have tried CLR, Ammonia, and several other ideas. I’m going to try oven cleaner and hope this gets it off. Nothing seems to remove it! Do you have any suggestions that I might try? I want to get this gook off of the tub (seems like it might take a jackhammer) so I can refinish it. I’m willing to try just about anything but think I may have to save the money and replace the thing. It’s horrible.

    1. Hi Judy,

      I think you’ve tried all the remedies I’ve heard about. The oven cleaner, CLR, and ammonia are powerful stuff so if that doesn’t work I doubt 3% Hydrogen Peroxide will but I guess it’s worth a try. Perhaps you could find a primer that can cover the gunk and hold the paint? The paint kits for tubs seem to have great reviews but a clean surface is the trick. I hope you find something that works! Best of luck!

    2. I had the exact same thing in my shower stall. It turned orange and I thought I was going to have to chisel it off. I tried everything to remove it and nothing worked. One day I spilled some WORKS toilet cleaner in the shower and lo and behold, it took the gook right off. I now have a shiny, new looking shower stall. I’m not sure if it will do any damage to your tub so test it first.

  6. Our shower in our mobile home that we are restoring has turned yellow. Just read your page and planning to paint it today. Thanks for all your helpful info. We are tackling this remodel ourselves and your info is very helpful and appreciated!