Who didn’t love playing with Lego® Bricks as a child? I know I certainly did and my boys especially loved them. This Pacemaker Tri-Level Vintage Mobile Home Made from Legos® is so awesome!

Tri-Level Pacemaker – Vintage Mobile Home Made from Legos®

Kenneth Dirks of Nebraska and his sons decided to combine their love of Lego® Bricks and vintage mobile home models into one project. Luckily, they decided to share their inspired results with us!

Kenneth’s brother owns a mobile home dealership in Colorado and actually owns two vintage Tri-level Pacemakers which were the inspiration for Kenneth and his son’s masterpiece.  You can check out his dealership here.

Vintage mobile home made from legos 2Pin

This vintage mobile home made from Legos® is awesome! Look at the amazing detail – every detail is correct for this model!

Tri level pacemaker mobile home - vintage mobile home made from legosPin

 See a really great 1954 Tri-Level Pacemaker here! 

2 story mobile homePin

Vintage 2 story ad

Unnamed | mobile home livingPin

This mobile home made from Legos® is a perfect replica. Our readers are so talented!

Stewart's 2 story mobile home adPin

Stewart’s 2 story mobile home

We hope you enjoy this awesome work of art as much as we did! Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Kenneth!

Have you created a real-life mobile home masterpiece you would like to share? Feel free to comment below and we will get your information.

Another Mobile Home Made from Legos®

This next Lego creation is just as awesome! It’s technically not a mobile home but it is mobile!

This camper stands over 7 feet tall and over 11 feet wide. One of the coolest things about it is that everything works, including the lights and sink.

Life-sized lego® camper - life-sized lego® camper mobile home made from legosPin

Life-Sized Lego® Camper

This camper was made out of a total of 215,158 Lego® and it is amazing, just don’t take your shoes off inside.

Everything works, including the lights and sink.

Mobile home made from legos® - life size camperPin

Water flows from the faucet!

Mobile Home and Camper Themed Cakes: You Can Have Your Mobile Home and Eat It, Too

This camper is amazing. You really can build anything out of those little bricks!

Kitchen in lego camperPin

If you have a mobile home or camper related project you would like to share with us please comment below.

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living! 

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