12 Beautiful Manufactured Homes with Black Appliances

For most, stainless steel appliances are the top choice but they show fingerprints terribly. That doesn’t happen as much with black and white appliances. In this article, we share 12 beautiful manufactured homes with black appliances along with a look at the trendy black stainless steel appliances.

Trends in Kitchen Design

You want to make sure you chose a timeless color for your appliances not a trend that will fade away in a couple of years.

Black Stainless Steel

Going with a trendy surface that hasn’t stood the test of time like white, black, or stainless steel can be a problem.

It’s easy to get caught up in trends with home decor but that shouldn’t be the case with expensive items like appliances. In the last couple of years, there’s been a lot of focus on black stainless steel.

Black stainless steel first made an appearance in House Beautiful‘s 2015 kitchen of the year and it’s been popular since. As with all home decor trends, some love it and some don’t. Black stainless gives the look of a darker stainless without all the fingerprints. Better Homes & Gardens has an article titled 6 Reasons Matte Black Appliances Should Be On Your Radar and the reasons they state for black stainless (such as high contrast, warming up a space, hiding imperfections, adding timeless color, and making cleaning easier) also works for black appliances, which happens to be a much cheaper alternative.

After reading several articles it’s hard to recommend black stainless steel. because they scratch so easily. Apartment Therapy has an article titled, Why I Regret Buying Black Stainless Appliances – A Magnet Damaged my $2000 Refridgerator.

Black appliances are easier to keep clean, won’t show fingerprints as much as stainless steel appliances and add warmth to a stark white kitchen.

12 Great Mobile Home Kitchens Featuring Black Appliances

If you Google ‘black appliances in white kitchens’ you’ll find an article from an interior designer that can barely stand the thought of mixing white cabinets and black appliances. She states the only way to make the two work together is to have a dark countertop. I beg to differ and I think the photos below prove the point well

These 12 great mobile home kitchen featuring black appliances proves just how great black can look in your own kitchen. Black is back!

New Double Wide with Black Appliances

Black and white is a timeless pair and adds a dramatic look to any kitchen.

Thinking black appliances will make a kitchen look too dark is a common misconception. As you can see from this stylish kitchen, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Dark cabinets and countertops along with the black appliances make this kitchen stand out.

Although black is a staple color, it also adds a modern feel to your kitchen and will warm up a space that has lighter cabinets.

Need more inspiration? Check out these awesome, but affordable mobile home kitchen remodeling ideas.


If you go on Clayton’s website you’ll notice a majority of their homes have black appliances. The Americana model is no different.

The Americana By Clayton

As you can see, black gloss appliances look great with stained pine cabinets and gray countertops.

The americana by clayton


Clayton’s Clifton model has a unique circular island. The dark wood cabinets and black appliances work well together with the lighter backsplash and countertop breaking up the dark.

Claytons Clifton Model Black Appliances In Manufactured Home Kitchen
Clayton clifton model

Skyline Express

Skyline’s Express model has dark cabinets and black appliances coupled with a light backsplash. This is a huge contrast to the all-white cabinet trend we’ve seen over the last few years.

Screen Shot At P M

Arlington Special E839

The Arlington by Skyline Homes is a study in all black and I love it. The black cabinets and appliances paired with the stone tile backsplash is a great look.

Screen shot at p m

Silver Springs 5029

All-white appliances are a great match for black appliances (regardless of what some interior designers think).

Screen Shot At P M
Screen shot at p m

Silver Springs 4892-0

The Silver Springs by Skyline Homes has custom style cabinetry paired with gloss black appliances.

Silver Springs Kitchen
Silver springs kitchen


Black appliances come in just as many designs as stainless and white. This side-by-side refrigerator in black makes a great focal point in the Ridgecrest model by Champion Homes.

Ridgecrest Kit
Ridgecrest island

Cove View

I’m a sucker for carousel kitchens. They’ve been around for decades (Spartan made them popular in the early 1950s) and are a great shape for home chefs.

Cove View Kitchen

The builders created a great focal point by adding a black glass tile behind the black stove.

Cove view stove

Extreme 8508

Champion’s Extreme 8508 model is similar to its Ridgecrest model with the cream cabinets.

Extreme Dining Room
Extreme kitchen

Spruce Pine

While I’m not too sure about the layout of the Spruce Pine (the stove and refrigerator seem a bit too far apart) I still like the white and black combo. That marble top island isn’t too shabby either!

Spruce Pine Kitchen
Spruce pine kitchen

Ridgecrest LE 1610

I’m in love with the Ridgecrest LE 1610. If I could replace our 1978 Homette today this home would be a top 3 contender. The only thing I would change would be placing the kitchen on the end (I must have an end kitchen!).

Ridgecrest L E Kitchen

Love the black sink!

Ridgecrest l e kitchen


As you can see from these 12 beautiful manufactured home kitchens with black appliances, black is a great way to go no matter whether you have white cabinets, are going for a modern look, or even if you have darker cabinets and flooring. It’s all about what you prefer.

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