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What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Mobile Home in Maryland

This week we have headed north once again, to what you need to know when buying a mobile home in Maryland. We are taking a look at information about where to find some cool homes, how to make sure you are making the right purchase for your family, and what to do if you have any issues.

Mobile Home Living Stats in Maryland

Maryland is one of the smallest among the 50 states. However, it is home to over 6 million people, which makes it one of the most populated for its size. So, its no surprise to find that manufactured homes are a popular choice there. Here are some other interesting facts:

The average price of a pre-owned home: $64054
The average model year of a pre-owned home: 2003
Average pre-owned home size in square feet: 1263
Average sites in a manufactured home community: 112
Average year a community was developed: 1982
Number of age-restricted communities: 16
Number of all-age communities: 152

Unique Double Wide
When you live in a mobile home community you have to make the most of the space available.

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Things to Remember

We already know that mobile homes offer a great housing option at an affordable price. Not only are manufactured homes built to even higher standards than stick-built homes, but they also offer just as many options.

But there are things you need to know to make a smart choice. Where are you going to place your home? How much home do you need? A good place to start, the Manufactured Housing Institute of Maryland. There you can learn about financing, licensed retailers, and other things you need to consider when buying a mobile home in Maryland.

Maryland MHI
PO Box 78
Pinto, MD 21556
(888) 644-6363

Making Your New Home Legal

Maryland handles the process of making mobile homes legal a little differently than most other states. Here’s what we found: Mobile homes in excess of 35 feet are not subject to the inspection, titling, or registration laws of Maryland, however, they may be titled. The Motor Vehicle Administration does not collect excise tax when issuing a title, however, before the vehicle can be titled, the state retail sales tax must be paid, a receipt obtained and submitted with the application for title and other required documents.(source: AAA: Titles for Mobile Homes) If you decide to title your mobile home you can do so at any local DMV office, just make sure you have the required documents.

Maryland does allow you to convert your mobile home into real property if you own both the mobile home and the land it sits on. It will need to have a permanent foundation and you will need to submit the following: an affidavit including a description of the home, a copy of the manufacturer’s certificate of origin (MCO) and certificate of title, if available, the street address and legal description of the real property where the home is or will be located; and a statement from the
owner that the manufactured home is free and clear of any lien, security interest or encumbrance. The bill also creates requirements for severing the home from the land where it is located.

Remember, if you are buying a new mobile home, the dealer will help you with the paperwork to make sure you have everything in order. If you are buying used, you can always contact the Manufactured Housing Institute of Maryland and they will be happy to point you in the right direction.

If There’s a Problem

When you buy a new mobile home there is always the possibility that things might not be quite right. Whether its defect from the manufacturer or an issue that happened during installation, sometimes there’s a problem. Take a good look around your new home after it has been setup. Your new manufactured home includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you will want to try and get any issues handled within that first year. Be sure to keep good records (preferably in writing) of any correspondence you have with your dealer or the manufacturer so that you have a paper trail in case you can’t get the help you need.

If you aren’t able to get your issues resolved by working directly with the dealer or manufacturer, you will need to reach out to the HUD Manufactured Housing Dispute Resolution Program. Maryland doesn’t administer their program. Instead, they are a part of the federal program that is in place.  You can submit your complaint in the following ways:

Online Email: Phone: 571-882-2928 Fax: 888-819-5191 Mail (preferably certified): ATTN: Manufactured Home Dispute Resolution Program 1676 International Drive Suite 501 McLean, Virginia, 22102

Mobile Home Living in Maryland

Now, its time to take a closer look at some of the great mobile homes that are available in Maryland. Zillow was full of places that were waterfront as well as homes in communities and on private lots. There are some great choices available!

Mobile Home With Garage
It is becoming more common to see attached garages on mobile homes.
Buying A Mobile Home In Maryland Tiny Home
Smaller mobile homes are a popular choice.
Double Wide With Brick Accent
Love the look of this double wide.

Just like every other state, buying a mobile home in Maryland is a great choice. With the same durability as stick-built homes, manufactured housing is an affordable alternative for homeowners.

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.

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