Merry Mobile Homes: Christmas Decor in Mobile Homes

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (and all the other beautiful holidays).

Our Facebook group family of 60,000 is a talented and kind group of mobile and manufactured homeowners (you should join them – just click here and request to join). One member asked to see Christmas decor in mobile homes and we had a ton of responses.

Decorating the house for the holidays is a magical time. Memories are made and changing a home around and adding greenery with happy colors help to make the season a little more festive and joyful.

If these beautifully festive mobile and manufactured homes don’t get you in the holiday spirit you need a double dose of eggnog!

Snow and Reindeer

David and Donita Cantrell have turned their manufactured home into a Christmas wonderland.

David N Donita Cantrell Christmas Tree And Fireplace

I found this next home on Instagram. You can follow her here at Our_MobileFarmHouse.

Our Mobilefarmhouse On Insta
Our Mobilefarmhouse

Christmas Single Wide Kevin B Moore F L I C K R
What a festive single wide!

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Rita Lavoe Christmas

Rita has had many gorgeous Christmas trees. Here are a few other looks she’s had through the years:

Rita Lavoe
A small pink tree matched the decor perfectly.
Rita Lavoe Christmas
Rita Lavoe Christmas

Ashley’s Creative Farmhouse Christmas

I’m a HUGE fan of Ashley’s double wide home remodels and decorating. She has a beautiful home throughout the year but especially at Christmas:

Cotton Copper

You can follow Ashley on Instagram here.

Cotton Copper
Nikki Hammack Manufactured Homes With Christmas Decor
Nikki Hammack proves you don’t need a huge tree to be beautiful.

Wendy’s cat is getting into the Christmas spirit!

A Renee A Galligan Manufactured Homes With Christmas Decor
A Renee A Galligan Manufactured Homes With Christmas Decor
Denise Salyer Christmas Decor In Manufactured Homes

Our next images are adorable!

Robbie Iddon shared their manufactured home with a baby looking up at the Grinch! Wendy Olson’s cat just won’t leave her beautiful tree alone!

Kymberly Faye‎ has decorated her manufactured home with lots of greenery and poinsettias.

Gail Hutchinson
Gail Hutchinson has a beautiful colorful exterior. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Decor in Mobile Homes: Mid-Century Style

David Izenman uses an aluminum tree to decorate his 1955 Fleetwood. It’s all mid-century magnificent.

Make It Mid-Century’s recent newsletter was about aluminum trees:

The original aluminum Christmas tree was a commercial product invented and marketed to stores for their displays in 1957 by Modern Coatings out of Chicago. These original trees were out of the price range of the average American, retailing for $100 or more. The tale goes that a few employees of Aluminum Specialty Company from Manitowac, Wisconsin, saw one of these trees at a local department store and decided that a smaller, less-costly version could be designed and marketed to the mid-century family; which, at this point in history, was fascinated by all-things futuristic.

Aluminum Specialty Company filed its patent in July of 1959 and began to sell its artificial aluminum tree by Christmas of the same year. (Patent number 2,893,149 to be exact). The Evergleam was born.

Vicki Johnson
Vicki Johnson has a gorgeous home! Oh My!

I hope you enjoyed all the beautiful Christmas decor in mobile homes. It’s been a pleasure collecting all the images and getting a little peek into all the homes.

I hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy Holiday season. May all your wishes come true!

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  1. Five of the features didn’t show up for me but the ones I did see were absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing them. Such talented people. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2021.

  2. Merry Christmas, Sue! Mine doesn’t look anything like theirs either (but my 2 cats leave the tree alone thankfully). I just don’t have their talent to decorate…lol.

  3. Thank you for your support, Donna. I appreciate all the kindness and warm comments you have given me over the months. I always go straight to your name when I see it on the comment list! Happy Holidays!

  4. Lovely, wonderful, beautiful! Great Christmas trees and decorations in their homes. Mine won’t be looking like those any time soon. lol I have two devilish cats. ha ha ha Merry Christmas to you and your families.

  5. Merry Christmas to you! Thank you for all the hard work you do to keep us updated on manufactured homes, mobile homes, or, to me—trailers! We sure enjoy ours. Donna Philpott

  6. Every house is decorated so nice. I don’t think there is a bad Christmas décor anywhere. I remember starting at ages 6 & 7 my brother and I would take the bottom branches of our tree to my grandmothers house and put them in a large container and decorated the branches.. We did it every year ’til she died. I was 13 then. Each year we would put the branches in a different container…a galvanized bucket, a box wrapped in Christmas paper, a bushel basket etc. We would take different decorations from home. The tree looked different and better each year. It is a good memory.

  7. Nicely done. Thanks to everyone who shared their beautiful, festive homes. I really enjoyed being invited in to take a look. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2020 to all !!

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