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1963 Sabre Is A Mid-Century Dream

If you are a fan of vintage homes then this 1963 Sabre is for you! Not only is it rare to find a vintage home with good bones to remodel, but it also includes a rare find, two pullouts. Located in New York state, this home has been completely renovated top to bottom, inside and out.

a hidden gem

The owners of this hidden gem were able to see the potential of this home even if it was a little worse for wear. That doesn’t mean they weren’t in for a lot of work to bring their dream of using this cool tiny home as a vacation retreat. Take a look at what they started with.

all images courtesy of House Crazy Sarah

1963 sabre remodeling
The tear-out has begun.
1963 sabre is a mid-century dream
All the original cabinets were intact and salvageable.
1963 sabre is a mid-century dream
Not much to look at.

A vision realized

The finished product of this 1963 Sabre is a cute and whimsical combination of colors that create a fun place to kick back and relax. After gutting the home to bare bones, the process of remodeling began. New insulation, new floors, walls, and updates to the ceiling, along with fresh paint inside and out made this vintage beauty as good as new.

We didn’t find much information about the remodel itself, but it goes without saying that there was probably new wiring and plumbing installed throughout as well.

1963 sabre is a mid-century dream
Pendant lights add style.
1963 sabre is a mid-century dream
The curved breakfast bar leaves plenty of space to sit and visit.
1963 sabre is a mid-century dream
The addition of the covered porch only adds to this 1963 Sabre.
1963 sabre is a mid-century dream
Look at that beauty!

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  • liz layne
    Posted August 24, 2022 at 10:46 pm

    is this for sale?

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