We came across this 1968 mobile home remodel a couple of weeks ago and we were in total awe of the amazing job that the homeowners did on gutting this entire interior and transforming it into this ultra-modern home.

Listed on realtor.com for $83,000 the description states:

Great for retirement or just low cost island living. The fully remodeled mobile home is over 1100 square feet. 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Pine floors. All new sheetrock, paint, wiring, plumbing etc etc. Comes with oven, and washer & dryer. Kitchen has an island. Has a front and side porch. 1 bedroom with en-suite bath and walk in shower and barn doors. 2nd bath has walk in shower. Both baths are brand new. Open kitchen, living and dining rooms. You almost can’t tell it is a mobile home. Must see to appreciate.

Keep in mind, this listing will not be on the market for long and if sold the link will not work. However, we are sharing this home not as a selling post, but as an inspirational post to all the potential that can be found in vintage mobile homes.

Remodeling vintage mobile homes is definitely not a new thing. We actually have one of the biggest collections of vintage mobile homes that you can find anywhere online. But this particular one caught our eye because of the dramatic transformation it underwent.

Ultra-Modern Interior

We love that there are so many great ideas that our readers can use in their own remodeling projects. From looking at the images you can see that this 1968 mobile home remodel was a total gut job. Stripped all the way down to the studs, the homeowners even redid the plumbing and wiring of the home. They then installed pine flooring throughout the entire home, added recessed lighting, and mini-split HVAC systems.

Barn doors have become extremely popular over the years. Not only are they space-saving, but they also add decor style to any room. Also, because you can customize the look, they fit well with any decor you choose, including this ultra-modern look.

Another feature that adds to the ultra-modern feel of this 1968 mobile home remodel is the abundance of windows in the space. They help to open up the room and the natural light creates an airy and modern feel.

The kitchen is part of an open floor plan and although small it does feature a nice size island for added workspace. The white look continues as well, as even the backsplash is white.

Bedrooms in vintage mobile homes are never very roomy. However, this home does include double closets and a nice space between them for a chest.

The bathrooms both have nice walk-in showers and a soft grey marble feel to them.

1968 Mobile Home Remodel Exterior

The exterior of this 1968 mobile home remodel has a nice island feel to it. You would never know from the relaxed and beachy look of the exterior that the interior had such a completely modern feel to it.

1968 mobile home remodel exterior

This home is a shining example of what you can do with an older mobile home. Just because it was built in the 60s doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have potential. With the right tools (or the right contractor), and a vision, there’s not much you can’t do with a mobile home.

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