Amazing Bus Conversions Transformed Into Tiny Homes

The tiny home movement has now expanded into homes like these amazing bus conversions we found online. So if you have ever thought of taking to the road but need something bigger than an RV, a “skoolie” may be just right for you and your family. Whether you are looking to downsize and live in one full time, or just take it for a cross-country trip, these 5 conversions will help get those remodeling ideas flowing!

1998 School Bus Converted to Cozy Home

Our first find is a converted school bus from owners Robbie and Priscilla. These DIYers took a year and a half to build their 210 square feet tiny home. Of course, the project had its share of issues to overcome but the finished product is a beautiful home on wheels. According to the article:

 The bus features an open floor plan with a full bed at the rear that sleeps two. Cedar tongue and groove ceilings and white walls make for a cozy design, and a full size kitchen is larger than some New York apartment kitchens. The kitchen boasts a farmhouse sink, quartz countertops, soft-closing cabinet doors and drawers, and a pull-out pantry. A giant refrigerator holds plenty of food, and an oven range makes it easy to cook large meals.

The bus is also completely self-sustaining, equipped with six 360-watt solar panels and eight 315 Trojan batteries.

The interior is larger than some New York aparments.
From the inside you would never even know this was a bus.
It’s important to make the most of every inch of space.
Creative storage is a must when living tiny.
This shower is something else.
amazing bus conversions 1998 exterior
It even has a real door!

Tiny Home on Wheels is Home Sweet Home

The next amazing bus conversion we found on one of our favorite sites, Instagram. Francesca and Nicholas have shared their bus conversion and all of their adventures with their followers since starting the project back in 2018.

The couple says that during the planning stages of their renovation they knew that they had to have a big kitchen with plenty of room to hang out. They definitely did a great job with that!

All framed in.
Of course, the couch pulls out for extra sleeping space.
Lots of storage.
A working wood stove for those cold nights.
Cozy sleeping quarters.

2004 Bus Becomes DIY Project

Tawny and Mike knew early on in their marriage that they wanted to travel, they just weren’t sure how to make it happen. Luckily, they found their inspiration when they decided to purchase a bus for $5,000 and the renovation began.

Bus renovations are a complete gut and restoration project, the seats have to come out, there may be repairs that need to be made to the floor before a sub-floor is installed, and then finally the fun can begin.

The couple decided to keep a great deal of the windows, which allows for plenty of natural light. The space is light and bright and has an ultimate homey feel.

You can follow the couple’s updates on their Instagram: sincewewokeup

So cozy.
So much storage.
Storage under the bed is a must.
White seems to be the most popular color for these amazing bus conversions.

A Family of Four Living Their Best Life in a Converted Bus

This little family is an inspiration. Not only did they create a lovely tiny home, but they are also thriving. We love how they made room for their kiddos and totally transformed their bus.

Plenty of sitting space.
Pops of color can be found inside and out.
Look how sweet.
You won’t miss this “skoolie” in a crowd.

Downsizing in a Skoolie

Debbie and Gabriel decided to downsize from a 5000 square foot house into a 250 square foot “skoolie” along with their four kids! Of course, there were definitely some challenges, mainly trying to purge all the stuff they had accumulated.

The bus has all the necessities that a family of 6 would need, a dinner table to eat around, individual beds for the kids, a separate bedroom for the couple, along with as much storage as they could squeeze in.

Two couches provide plenty of sitting room.
The family kept most of the windows so there would be plenty of natural light.
Nice setup.
amazing bus conversions downsize exterior
Notice the deck up top?

Another option, if one of these amazing bus conversions isn’t for you, would be something like this cool Greyhound Bus Conversion That is One of a Kind.

From what we can see, white seems to be the most popular feature for the interior of these tiny homes. Which of course makes sense, since white makes smaller spaces look bigger. Also, kitchens are a priority along with a nice place to sleep. These 5 amazing bus conversions are enough to make us want to hit the road tomorrow!

As always thank you for reading Mobile Home Living.

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