Skyline Living Room After

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  1. You.done a wonderful job on all of it gorgeous and your boyfriend gets a big star for stocking becide you through it all great man in my book Most would have left at the first door open Bless you both

  2. Amazing finish!! Absolutely love your remodel…especially those bathroom sinks and sewing machine vanities!!! You and your BF have great vision and did a marvelous job…enjoy your “New” home!

  3. Boy, what a labor of love! As a former mobile home owner, I can attest to the tremendous amount of work that goes into a remodel. You’ve managed to create an oasis for your family & memories to last a lifetime. Love all the personal touches! Jenny

  4. I am a car nut. Those truck details in the one bedroom are a scream.

    Nice work. I wish there had been a before and after blueprint of the floor plan to see just how they carved out the two bedrooms from the space. Hard to figure from the [great] pictures.