Farmhouse Style In 1997 Clayton Double Wide

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  1. Ashley,
    Love all the updates you’ve made! I’m curious to learn more about the marriage line beam you covered up with real wood. What wood did you use? How did you handle joints? Did you remove the original stuff first? We have the same beam and definitely want to do what you did. Thanks for your help!
    -Helen in Lenoir City

  2. Hi Crystal. My name is Donnie Fulton and I own a Mobile Home parts and service store in Evansville In.
    I like what you are doing and I subscribe to your newsletter. I have a few how to videos on youtube and plan on making many more in the near future. I do most everything on Manufactured Homes and have been for quite some time. I will send some to you if you would like to use. My most common home improvements would include exterior doors,windows (both vinyl and traditional mobile home)
    bathtub and shower installs,skirting,tiedowns (straps and engineered systems). my website will be posted below and you can find me on youtube at Fulton mhp.

  3. I love,love,love your site and EVERYTHING that goes along with it. We live in Ohio and are looking to retire in 2020. We bought a single wide 1993 Victorian, and remodeled it from the studs. I decorate farmstyle plus country things I like. After living in a stick home for over 40 yrs. I can honestly say I don’t miss it a bit. I love my mobile home and couldn’t be happier living in it! Deb Emrick.