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Melodie’s Marvelous Manufactured Home Makeover

The best thing about manufactured housing is their affordability. If you want to live debt free, yet comfortably, buying an affordable manufactured home and updating it yourself is a smart option. That’s exactly what Melodie and Steve, the owners of this marvelous manufactured home makeover have done.

The couple had never lived in a manufactured home but their desire to live debt-free inspired them to research the option. Eventually, the couple made the decision to sell their stick built home and pay cash for a double wide manufactured home.

They put their site-built home on the market in October 2012 and it sold within 2 days. Melodie and Steve bought the double wide and within three months they had completely transformed their home. The results are awesome so we’ve deemed it Melodies’ marvelous manufactured home makeover. 

Melodie and Steve’s story is not uncommon. Lot’s of people are easing themselves into debt-free lifestyles. With the economy barely rebounding from the recession and more companies outsourcing jobs every day (buy American!), living debt-free makes perfect sense.

None of this means we have to live in a home that isn’t gorgeous. Time and time again, it has been proven that affordable living can also mean beautiful living.

What they have done with this manufactured home is remarkable. In less than 3 months they turned this basic house into an especially beautiful home. Luckily, she’s sharing the transformation with us!

Her site-built home was beautiful but for someone whose goal is to become completely debt-free, it wasn’t practical. By selling their home at a profit, they were able to pay cash for their manufactured home and still have money left over for a marvelous manufactured home makeover.

Melodie’s marvelous manufactured home makeover started out as a standard 1995 Palm Harbor home that can be found on any dealer’s lot in America.

Be prepared, the following photos will blow your mind!

It never ceases to amaze me what people can do with their manufactured homes. Yes, makeovers and remodels are a lot of work and honestly, a lot of money (though there are ways to save and refurbish material) but to be able to call such a gorgeous house your home makes it worth all the planning, cost and hassle.

manufactured home-kitchen before
manufactured home-interior before
manufactured home-kitchen before
manufactured home-living room before


Melodie’s Marvelous Manufactured Home Makeover

This marvelous manufactured home makeover is a perfect example of the potential that factory-built homes have.

Had I not told you this was a manufactured home, you probably would have never known.

manufactured home-kitchen after
manufactured home-kitchen after 2

Lot’s of sanding, painting, ripping up and tearing down took place in the last 3 months. Here’s the kitchen getting its makeover. White will always be a great color for a kitchen. It opens up the space and gives a great base for other colors to make a statement. You can easily change the style out without having to repaint, too.

manufactured home-kitchen after 3


manufactured home-living room after


manufactured home-fireplace


manufactured home-interior after


manufactured home-dining room after


manufactured home-dining room after 2


The old dining room had a sofa and chair in it and wasn’t used as a dining area. Melodie transformed it into a beautiful formal dining room.

manufactured home- dining room 3


manufactured home-interior after


manufactured home-dining room table


manufactured home-bathroom before and after

manufactured home-master bath after

Manufactured home makeovers like this prove that anyone can live in affordable housing that is absolutely gorgeous!

manufactured home-master bath after


manufactured home-bedroom after


Melodie saw the possibilities and had the talent to plan and the gumption to make the changes. Between the couple’s talent, they turned the house into a home worthy of a magazine cover!

manufactured home-lighting

Melodie’s marvelous manufactured home makeover is breathtaking!

New flooring, paint, furniture, curtains, trim, and decor transformed this house into a lovely, modern home.

People often trade a used home in for a new one so you can usually buy a used mobile home at a great price so it is perfect for anyone looking to live in an affordable home.

Melodie will be keeping us up to date with the rest of the changes she has planned on her own blog Our Cottage on Lot 56, so be sure to check it out. With her talent, there will be plenty of inspiration!

Melodie has also been kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Be sure to check out her interview.

As always, thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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