Melodies Manufactured Home Living Room

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  1. We are also in the process of making over our DW MH. We had to downsize due to illness. Never lived in a MH before. We are slowly changing the look & the feel of our 2002 MH. When we get further along I will post some pics. Love your site!!

  2. I’d like to know what was done to get rid of those ugly strips on the wall between each sheet of “drywall”

  3. What kind of flooring did you use in the kitchen and bathrooms. Its beautiful, but is it durable and what about water damage?

  4. This is awesome! I love every bit of it! What is the flooring in the kitchen & baths?
    We have a vintage mobile home at the beach and we are looking for a flooring solution that is durable and stylish.

  5. Love your site, I am possibly going to be buying one and am very scared about it!!However after seeing your site I am way more encouraged, thank you!! Also did you make your table? Love it

    1. Hi Krista! It is a scary time when buying a home but just know than many of us happily live in manufactured homes and you really can make it into any style and any type of home you want :) I'm a slacker, all planned projects are slow going. We've just been working so much that by the time we both get a day off together we don't wanna do much at all…it's a vicious cycle but hopefully someday it will all be finished (someday far, far in the Good luck!!

  6. Hi Tina!

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting!
    I hope you find the perfect park for your new debt-free life. My best advice is to talk to the tenants, knock on doors and ask lots of questions before you decide on a park. You'll learn much more that way than you ever would through the employee. Every park has their good and bad, you just need to find the one that fits the best with your lifestyle. Your concern is very valid and is something that should be evaluated and looked into. You certainly don't want to be in a park where there are no other residents that share similar hobbies and lifestyles. I'm confident you'll find the perfect park and you and your husband will have a beautiful home that is affordable and gorgeous!

    Good luck to you! Keep us informed on how it all goes!

  7. Wow!! I just stumbled on this site and LOVE IT!! My husband and I are in our early 50's, kids grown, left with big house on over an acre of property. We are looking for downsizing options that will leave us debt free and this seems to be the most logical for us. We have looked at some MH's, some new some older and can see that we will have to do work no matter what we decide. We are very handy, hubby is a contractor, so getting our hands dirty is something we look forward to. Biggest concern is almost all MH communities where we live are 55 plus, we are almost there, no quite. More concerned that we will be much younger than the residents. Is this an issue anyone else has run into? Love looking at all of your inspirational transformations!

    1. tina, I had to check the name on your letter to make sure I didn’t write it;) … I do wish some parks would lower that age to 50 or even 52 but I have to say (after thinking about it) that even if the average age is 80 it would be preferable to a lot of this generation of 25 yr olds. we just bought a 2000 Fleetwood and paid less than 1k… it’s somewhat livable but I plan on doing much work to it. being mortgage – free is worth living with a bunch of “old people”!! lol I wan to send in pics but I haven’t had one letter to this site ever answered so I guess there’s no point i’m curious though on what you decide because you are right there’s a lot of work to do whether it is brand new or a handy-man special. we moved ours to a regular park as in Maryland there aren’t too many senior parks but I would guess the average age of the residents is 55 anyway. good luck to u!!!

  8. What a lovely transformation! I too am in a total renovation of a mobile home. It's in a very lovely park, great neighbors and I literally bought the place with the money my husband and I had set aside for a down payment on a traditional home. We are a year in transforming it to a stunning home…we are near the half way mark. We have become debt free since purchasing our home and are able to pay for the renovations cash in hand. I have zero regrets, these homes are often found in great communities at a fraction of the price, but if you put the love and care into them they have a great resale value. It's great to see that we are not the only ones to shake aside the stereotypes and understand the full potential of these homes!

    1. Hi Lara!
      I love your comment! Thanks so much for writing it.
      It's great to know that others are going debt free and loving their home, too. Manufactured homes don't deserve the stigma they have, they are great homes that can be turned into anything you want. All it takes is a little know how and a lot of Our remodel is going much slower than I anticipated. I was hoping within 3 years it would be completely finished but we just can't seem to catch a break, time or money wise, something always seems to come up and drains our remodeling stash. We'll get it though :)

      You know, I'm always looking for homes to share. I know you're only half way finished but please keep MMHL in mind. I appreciate you taking the time out to comment. Good luck on your remodel, I hope it turns out exactly how you dreamed :)