25 Beautiful Living Room Ideas for Your Manufactured Home

Looking for beautiful living room ideas for your manufactured home? We’ve got you covered!

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25 Beautiful Living Room Ideas

Finding room ideas for manufactured homes isn’t easy. The popular home decor magazines and websites neglect factory-built homes even though close to 20 million people live in one.

Of course, you can look at any living room and picture it working in your own home. All it takes is a little imagination. But if the room doesn’t have the right shape or ceiling height it can be difficult. To remedy that I searched for beautiful living rooms that had similar characteristics as a manufactured home.

From country to modern, there’s a style for everyone!

Bright and Colorful

Placing a colorful sofa in a white room creates a beautiful space. If you live in a single wide this room could work great, especially with floor-to-ceiling shelving.

small living room design ideas


 Sleek and Sophisticated

Adding a bold light fixture in your living room provides a great pop of color and creates a focal point that can’t be missed. Use light, natural tones to make a room seem larger. The black light shade takes the focal point away from the television.

small living room decor ideas


Wired Up

If you have lots of gaming consoles around your television this is a great idea for you! Chords are a pain when it comes to decorating a room. Why not make the wires a part of the decor?

living room media center idea


Tasteful Texture

Textures can work better than color in some rooms. Combine several different textures with a similar color to create an inviting space. This would work great in a smaller living room!

modern living room ideas


Remarkable Retro

Adding one dramatic feature in your room, such as this awesome fireplace, can instantly change a room.

modern retro living room design

Source, Source 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (and Ceiling) 

Mirrors bounce light around so they’re perfect for a small living room. This room has mirrors on the walls and a similar reflective surface on the light fixture. Light is bouncing around everywhere in this room!

modern living room design


Mix-Mapped Mod 

Mid-century modern is a fairly easy style to achieve. Framed maps, clean lines, bold lighting, and patterns create a feast for the eyes in this room.

modern living room decor


Wonderful Wood

This room is gorgeous! Lots of wooden elements combined with pewter create a calming space.

lovely living room decor ideas


Modern Mix

This living room is one of my favorites! It’s comfortable without losing style. Smart storage at the doorway and a big comfy couch is warm and inviting.

living room makeover ideas


Bold Brown

Brown isn’t usually considered a bold color but it can be! This room is simple but beautiful – everything a living room should be.

living room inspiration


Great Garden 

Bringing the outdoors into your living room is a great idea. Nature produces beautiful colors and textures, why not use it?

living room design


Traditional and Timeless

This is a great place to cozy up with a good book! It’s a modern take on tradition with lots of storage and painted brick fireplace.

living room fireplace design ideas


Peaches and Cream

While this living room has a very high ceiling, I wanted to include it because the color choices and textures are amazing.

living room fireplace ideas


Warm Wood

The warm colors in this living room are amazing together! The bold wood trim around the fireplace and windows and the chopped wood all combine to create a striking focal point.

living room fireplace inspiration


Going Grey

Grey is a great natural color that can work well with any other color you can think of but it especially goes well with purple.

living room ideas for small rooms


Marvelous Modern

Grey and yellow are a perfect match! Add bright white and a touch of bold green and you have yourself a masterpiece. I love everything about this room!

living room decorating ideas



It really doesn’t take much to create a beautiful space and this living room proves it. It’s a small space with simple elements and no fuss.

living room decor inspiration


Cozy Cottage

The cottage style living room is beautiful!  You can’t go wrong with an all-white room especially if you combine it with texture and color.

living room decor inspiration 2


Rosy Romantic

Here’s another gorgeous cottage style living room! The majority of the room is one tone and allows the various pops of color to take center stage.

living room decor ideas


Great Grey

This is an amazing home! There’s not much one can say about this living room, kitchen, and dining room space – it’s just gorgeous!

living room decor- grey and yelloow


Wonderful Wood on Wheels

This is a bus turned mobile home and it is awesome! Beautiful wood sets the stage and the centerpiece is a tin tub. It’s different but in the best possible way!

Gypsy Dancers Hideaway fb


Sleek and Sexy

Choosing grey for your walls and furnishings is perfect if you like to change your decor often. If the yellow gets old the homeowner can choose any color they want to replace it – grey matches everything.

grey living room decor


Mix-Match Marvelous

This room is a mixed bag of gorgeous! Don’t be scared to mix styles and add the things that make you happy into your room.

Great Living Room Decor Ideas


Cottage Classic

Here’s another beautiful cottage style living room! This room is a perfect example of the classic cottage style – white paired with rustic wood and natural textures.

beautiful living room design and decor


That 70’s Show

This room is perfectly decorated in a retro/70’s style. Browns, oranges, greens, and tans all work together in harmony. Lots of texture and sleek, shiny surfaces adds even more charm.

amazing living room decor


Planning a room makeover requires a lot of research and soul-searching. You have to consider the shape of the space, how your family lives, and how each element is going to work with the rest of the room before you can even think about color choices. You may also want to think about purchasing some smart multi-function furniture that’s perfect for small mobile homes to make the most of the space you have.

It’s not easy to decorate a home but these homeowners make it look simple. They each deserve a big ole’ thank you for sharing their living room ideas online and giving us lots of inspiration and ideas for our own homes.

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Crystal Adkins created Mobile Home Living in 2011 after buying a 1978 single wide and searching online for mobile home remodeling ideas but finding very little. Today, it's the most popular resource in America for mobile home information and inspiration and has been visited over 40 million times.


  1. Great ideas. My daughter lives in a Mobil and these are great ideas to help her.. thank you

  2. Hi Delores,

    That seems like an awful high price for a 1978 model unless the land is included, especially with the smoke damage. I think you can find a much better home for a much cheaper price. We paid $4500 for our 1978 single wide and it was in great condition with new a new furnace/heat/air pump, new fridge, new toilet and all new sub-flooring in the living room and kitchen. It also included a really nice covered porch in the deal.

    Best of luck to you – I’m sure you can find better!

  3. Hi Crystal.. Love the ideas.. I’m considering an older mobile ’78 I think. I’m not sure if I should.. It’s in a great park. It may need to be leveled.. but the previous owner smoked so much that the ceiling tiles are almost dripping with nicotine. My poor realtor had to get out.. very stinky. It needs to be cleaned and redone completely. I can clean and paint no problem. How can I determine if it’s worth trying to rehab it? The late owner’s son is asking 19,950, Down from 22,000. I can’t see that it’s anything near that value.. I’m thinking of gutting it.. Please help.. any information.. resources.. ideas..
    Thank you soooooo much !!!!!!

  4. Love all the ideas on here! Cute Cute Cute!

    I am thinking of buying a mobile home – but would like a repo possibly. I am having a hard time finding one. Do you know of any sites in Oklahoma that would have them listed? I have called banks and they never have anything.

  5. Hi Crystal! It’s great to meet you! I’m so glad you like the site! Were you named after the country singer too? I hope to hear from you lots more – us Crystal’s need to stick together!

  6. Hi Crystal, my name is also Crystal. I am so happy to have come across this site. Finally found a site for mobile/modular homes. Thanks so much

  7. Hi Rachel! It’s always great to hear from my favorite mobile home investment guru!

    Unfortunately, these rooms aren’t in a manufactured home (I wish they were though!). I did try to find rooms with similar characteristics of a manufactured home living room though (narrow, rectangular shapes mostly.

    Thanks so much for reading MHL and taking time to comment. Always appreciate hearing from you!

  8. Nice room ideas Crystal!

    It’s amazing to see these coming from manufactured homes. Times have definitely changed! It just goes to show we’re no longer limited to the “old styles” but can change things up with new designs to fit our modern lifestyle.

    Great pics, thanks for sharing!

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