If a mobile home refresh is part of your Spring plans then look no further. We have three easy and inspiring ideas that will totally change the look of your mobile home and can be done in as little as a weekend.

Cover Up Those Laminate Countertops

According to Spruce.com, there are so many different ways to update your laminate countertops. Most are DIY projects that can be done in as little as a day or weekend, and won’t break your budget.

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  • If you are looking for a temporary solution to cover your old laminate countertops, the simplest answer may be to just recover them with fresh laminate or countertop film. Countertop film is just like using contact paper, just thicker. Simply lay out the film, trim it out to a rough size while aligning it on the countertop, and finally begin sticking it down and working the air bubbles out as you go.
You would never know this is not the original countertop.
  • The look of marble without the cost is what one reader managed to create with her kitchen countertops. Victoria cleaned, sanded, and then primed her original countertop first. She then swirled black and brown acrylic paint into white paint to give it that gorgeous granite look. You would never know these weren’t their original look.
mobile home refresh painted countertops
Paint is another good option.
  • Another way to cover those countertops is to purchase a countertop kit online or at any major home improvement store. This method is a little more work, but the kits give you so many options you can get just about any color or design you may want. It will look like you had entire new countertops installed.

DIY Your Wainscoting

Our next mobile home refresh idea is a little more work but definitely well worth the effort. Wainscoting will dramatically change the look of any room and can be used in the whole room or just as an accent wall depending on what you have in mind. We even found a detailed tutorial from Family Handyman to get you through the project.

Wainscoting goes by the rule of 3’s.
The wainscoting adds style to this room.

Paint Your Floors

Painting your floors might not be the most popular choice if you need to update them, but if new flooring just isn’t in the budget then painting can be a good temporary fix.

The process is pretty simple, and can easily be done in a weekend (be sure to do a paint test in an inconspicuous spot to make sure the color looks good before starting):

  1. Make sure the floors are clean
  2. Prep the floors with sandpaper to dull the shine
  3. Wipe the floors again to get rid of any residue
  4. Apply a deglosser (allow to dry)
  5. Finally, you will want to apply the primer and the paint, making sure to let it dry well between coats.

Another option is to add stencils to your old laminate flooring if you are especially crafty like Laura Jean who gave us a great example of how to change your floors.

A whole new look.

As you can see by these 3 mobile home refresh ideas, you can totally tackle small projects and make a big impact on your mobile home. Just like with any project, it’s important to stay within your budget and do what you can when you can.

Have you recently finished a remodeling project? We would love to share it with our readers! Comment below and we will be in touch.

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