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5 Budget-Friendly Single Wide Mobile Homes for Sale That Wow

There was a time, not so long ago, that finding budget-friendly single wide mobile homes to buy was next to impossible. Realtor sites didn’t share listings and Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist weren’t as well used as they are now. As you know, those days are long gone. No matter what kind of mobile home you are in the market for, you can probably find a listing for it online!

This week we have put together 5 of our favorite Facebook Marketplace single wide mobile homes from our friend Steve, at Manufactured Housing and Mobile Homes. Keep in mind, we are just sharing these homes for inspiration, most sell very quickly and the links may not work after they have sold.

A Single Wide Fit for a Magazine

This single wide, located in Alabama, is listed for $35,000. Not only is it in great condition, but it also offers some fantastic decorating ideas for small spaces. The listing states the interior has been 100% updated from the flooring to the ductwork. It’s definitely a beauty inside.

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Alabama Single Wide Living Room
What a cozy entertaining space.
Alabama Single Wide Kitchen
Great use of the empty space over the cabinets.
Alabama Single Wide Master Bath
Plenty of light.
Alabama Single Wide Master Tub
Even the tub is tastefully decorated.

Warm and Cozy Single Wide

This is another perfect example of someone taking a mobile home and creating a beautiful living space out of it. From the ceilings to the floor this home is gorgeous! The two-bedroom home, located in Iowa, is listed for only $15,000 and includes all the appliances, carport, shed, and some of the furniture. The home looks to be in a community but luckily Idaho seems to have a very affordable lot rent compared to the rest of the US. Just by the post alone, this seems like a bargain.

Iowa Single Wide Living Room
The walls and ceiling make a great combination.
Iowa Single Wide Bedroom
The plank wall (perhaps vinyl?) makes this bedroom stand out.
Iowa Single Wide Bedroom Dresser
The bedroom offers tons of natural light and plenty of storage.

This is an end design that I haven’t seen before. It sorta reminds me of the Great Lakes Belmont model but this looks far more

Iowa Single Wide Exterior
The exterior is in good shape as well.

Well Cared for Mobile Home is a Steal

Once in awhile, we come across an older mobile home that has been left in its original (or almost original condition). This single wide mobile home, located in Pennsylvania for only $14,900 is one of those homes. The only updates to the home are the laminate flooring in the kitchen and bedrooms. This budget-friendly single wide would be the perfect starter home or project home for someone who wants to do the updates themselves.

Pennsylvania Mobile Home Living Room
Very roomy for a single wide
Pennsylvania Mobile Home Kitchen
No shortage of cabinet space.
Pennsylvania Mobile Home Breakfast Bar
So much potential in this home.
Pennsylvania Mobile Home Exterior
Landscaping is an important element to any home.

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Like New Single Wide

If you are looking for a like-new and budget-friendly single wide mobile homes to place on your own property, but don’t want to pay new prices a single wide like this is a great find. This 2016 2 bedrooms mobile home in North Carolina is listed at $34,000 and will need to be moved from its current location. It looks to be in near perfect condition with gorgeous kitchen cabinets and id drywalled throughout.

North Carolina Living Room
Placing the t.v. on the wall frees up valuable space.
North Carolina Kitchen With Breakfast Bar
Although small, the kitchen makes good use of its space in this budget-friendly single wide mobile home.
North Carolina Exterior With Deck
All this deck needs is a roof!

Custom-Built Budget-Friendly Single Wide Mobile Homes

This 1996 two-bedroom home located in Alabama is listed at a bargain price of $19,000. It has been completely updated with new flooring throughout (except bathrooms). The home does need to be moved, but if you are looking for something to put on a piece of land or in a park this is a turn-key home at a great price.

Alabama Living Room 1
Nice combination of furniture pieces.
Alabama Ceiling Mirror
Do you like the ceiling mirror addition?
single wide mobile homes-Alabama Kitchen Dining Room Combo
Yellow is always a good color for a kitchen.
single wide mobile homes-Alabama Exterior
The exterior could use a little love.

In Closing

All of these budget-friendly single wide mobile homes are listed for under $40k. With options to place on your own land or live in a community, there are plenty of buying options available. All you have to do is decide what you are looking for!

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