30 Gorgeous Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Whether you are ordering a new manufactured home or updating an older mobile home it can be challenging to decide on the best mobile home kitchen cabinet colors.

That’s why we gathered 30 photos of different mobile home kitchen cabinet colors that look great in mobile and manufactured homes. We know because every image you see is a mobile or manufactured home!

Using Photo Inspiration to Choose Your Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinet Colors

It’s amazing what a gallon of paint can do. These 30 kitchens all have different paint colors and they are all gorgeous.

Red Cabinets Makes a Statement

Looking to make a statement? Red kitchen cabinets will help you do just that. Whether you choose a brighter red or perhaps a darker red that blends well with primitive decor, this color is dramatic and perfect if you want your kitchen to make a splash.

Jaw Dropping Mobile Home Red Kitchen
1978 Double Wide For Sale Mount Angel OR00003
red kitchen cabinets farmhouse look
Red cabinets compliment this farmhouse look.

White Kitchen Cabinets are a Crisp and Clean Choice

White is the most popular color choices for kitchen cabinets for a few reasons: It brightens up the room and helps to make it feel larger, it’s a great foundation that you can add pops of color on, and it’s easy to clean.

You’d think a darker color would be easier to clean but that hasn’t been my experience at all. I painted my lower cabinets black and everything showed up on it.

This next kitchen was just recently featured here on Mobile Home Living. Desirée and Todd bought this 1988 Fuqua double wide manufactured home in Venice, Florida and began the remodel before they even moved in. It is jaw-dropping! The kitchen is bright, white, and so clean and sleek.

Beach Cottage White Cabinets

We featured Ashley’s gorgeous modern farmhouse style double wide a few months ago. It was beyond gorgeous when we shared it but she has been busy remodeling the kitchen since we last checked in. It looks like a whole different kitchen now.

white kitchen farmhouse cabinets
White creates a nice clean look.

Here’s her Instagram and the new kitchen:

22840 Sterling Double Wide For Sale 00005 Copy
decorating your manufactured home with natural elements - stone backsplash

Calming Grey Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for a soothing color to build your kitchen look around, grey is a great choice.

Jaw Dropping Mobile Home Gray Kitchen
mobile home kitchen cabinets in grey
Grey is a subtle color that is easy to accessorize.

Green is Great for Mobile Home Kitchens

I featured this gorgeous mobile home kitchen renovation last year. I love everything about it. It was an even smaller space before the remodel but the homeowners managed to fit tons of storage, shelving, and all the appliances into a compact and well-organized space.

This is a Goldilocks green: it’s not too dark or too light, it’s just a perfect medium and I love it!

I really like when kitchen cabinets are darker on the bottom and white or lighter on the top. I think it helps ground the cabinetry so it feels like a part of the home. I’ve read that it also helps make a kitchen feel larger. This lighter olive green is a lovely color.

14x70 Mobile Home With Cool Kitchen 30k FB Marketplace Copy

If you aren’t following Instagram user mobilehomefarmhouse you should be! Her mobile home remodeling story is so inspiring and it doesn’t hurt that she knows how to make a house into a beautiful home. I love her mix of colors in her kitchen.

Who says all your mobile home kitchen cabinet colors have to be the same?

This pretty cottage style kitchen is in a 1974 mobile home. Instagram user e.fiumara shared her painting process in the comments, “they were particle board with a hard “plastic” surface. I primed them with a gripping oil base primer and let it cure for 24 hrs, then painted them with a good quality latex with a primer built in. It’s been a year and a half. They still look fantastic. Cleaning and using the correct primer is very important.”

I shared this green kitchen years ago in an article about my favorite Craigslist mobile home finds and I still love it.

This single wide looks to be a Fleetwood Festival (aka Broadmore) and it’s one of Steven Lancaster’s favorites. Steven is a resident mobile home expert for us and knows more about mobile homes than anyone I know. The cabinet ‘island’ on the right is so unique and the washer and dryer are on the other side of those cabinets (if this indeed a Festival/Broadmore). It’s one of our favorite mobile home floor plans ever.

Favorite Craigslist Find Kitchen

I love this next pale matte green color. Stained wood and paint is a unique combination but I think it works well. What do you think?

1981 Mobile Home For Sale 92310 Cape Arago Hwy, Coos Bay, OR

Beautiful Blue

Blue is one of the most versatile colors you can choose for your kitchen cabinets. Whether you are a fan of the darker navy tones or you lean more towards the lighter shades of blue, the choices are endless.

blue kitchen cabinets
Love the frosted glass of the blue cabinets.
light blue kitchen cabinets
Blue and beadboard are a great combo.

Tina spent 6 years in the military and then bought a 1979 Fleetwood double wide and remodeled it into a beautiful cottage style home. The different colors in the kitchen are a perfect combination: red, white, and blue.

Mixing up the grey and white compliments each other well.

I think this kitchen with purple cabinets, black and white backsplash, and a wood countertop is great! It’s unique and clean and stylish. Two thumbs up!

Single Wide Manufactured Home With Blue Kitchen Cabinets

This beautiful teal blue cabinetry is actually 1994 Safari Continental RV that was remodeled but I had to share it because it’s so awesome. I love everything about this combination. In fact, I think I may copy it for my own kitchen (someday).

RV Remodel - After painting cabinets

This next mobile home kitchen cabinet color is unique. It was a home on the TV show Mobile Home Disasters and I believe the homeowner wanted a southwest style. The stenciling around the doors and the blue countertop are pretty cool. I bet with some white subway tile backsplash this would be a knockout.

South Western Blue Cabinets In Mobile Home Kitchen

Yummy Yellow Cabinets Brighten Up the Kitchen

Yellow, especially a warm buttery yellow like this one, is the perfect color to pair with black and white accents.

yellow kitchen cabinets- best mobile home kitchen cabinet colors

Black is Back in Fashion

Black is a popular goto color for your kitchen cabinets. It works for just about any decorating style you want since you can add any accent color you want.

This kitchen is a beauty!

black cabinets with countertop

I think the main trick to keep black cabinets clean is to make sure they are glazed or glossed so that lint, dust, and fur (and all the small light-colored particles floating around) doesn’t stick to them so easily.

You can’t go wrong with black kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances. It’s so sleek and sophisticated.

black kitchen cabinets
Black cabinets can be very dramatic.

Gain Primitive Perfection with Distressed Black Cabinets

Distressed black cabinets are a perfect touch for the ever-popular primitive decorating style. Chalk paint has taken over the decorating world in the last few years because it’s so easy to work with and covers just about anything. Popular Mechanics states, “Chalky paint is a hit with DIYers and people who refurbish and refinish old furniture. Not sure if your dresser has an oil- or latex-based finish? Don’t know if it’s stain, lacquer, shellac or polyurethane? Doesn’t matter. Chalky paint covers it all without the aggravating prep work.”

More Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinet Colors

If you like a little more pazazz in your kitchen these photos are for you. This next kitchen was done during the short-lived TV show called Mobile Home Disasters. I think this homeowner wanted a colorful retro 1960’s vibe and they certainly got it. Green appliances, blue cabinet bases, and orangish wood stained doors make a statement.

Unique 60s Style Kitchen In Mobile Home

This yellow and orange kitchen was found on Zillow and the stove caught my eye most. This is a colorful kitchen but I like the boldness. If you like color and own your home why not make it a true statement of yourself? I bet this homeowner is all kinds of fun!

1997 Colorful Single Wide - mobile home kitchen cabinet colors

Wood cabinets are a staple in kitchen design. Luckily, you can find stains in every color imaginable and you can’t go wrong with any of them. I’m sharing this next kitchen because it has a unique twist to the basic wood cabinet. The homeowner painted around the outer edge of the frosted glass and I think it’s a great look. If you have basic wood cabinets you can give it a splash of color just about anywhere!

Mobile Home Kitchen With Wood And Gray Cabinets

Choosing the best cabinet colors for your kitchen can be a challenge. Hopefully, these photos have given you some ideas. Do you have a unique cabinet color? We’d love to see it!

Once you’ve decided which color to paint your cabinets you can go to our article about how to repair and paint your cabinets. We found some great tips and paint recommendations from mobile homeowners that have been successful in painting their own mobile home cabinets, (whether laminated, Thermofoil or other surfaces).

Thinking about tackling your kitchen? We would love to share it with our readers. Contact us to see how you can be featured.

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.

Image Source: Zillow, Realtor, Craigslist

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