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5 Bargain Mobile Homes For Sale that Cost Less than a New Car

Finding cool mobile homes to share is one of our favorite things to do. A valid excuse to look for bargain mobile homes for sale? Yes, please! Not only is it fun to look at mobile homes for sale, it’s also inspiring to see mobile homes that have been remodeled and decorated.

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Don’t forget, we aren’t realtors, we just enjoy looking and at talking about mobile homes. All of our picks include the original listings, but they may be sold and taken off the market at any time.

1971 Kenwood Mobile Home for $13,900

This well maintained, two bedroom/two bath, single wide is in a mobile home community in Wisconsin. It has had many upgrades including a new heating system, bathroom updates, and flooring.


bargain mobile homes for sale-kenwood kitchen
Plenty of cabinets in this kitchen.


Cute Lil home!

bargain mobile homes for sale-kenwood exterior
Very well maintained exterior.

1988 Single Wide for $16,900


Loving this remodeled 1988 single wide!  This Missouri mobile home has 2 bedrooms, new laminate flooring, fresh paint, and a totally updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

The exterior is in nice shape as well. It has some great landscaping and even a pond. The listing doesn’t specify but it looks like it may be in a park. At less than the price of a new car, this home is a steal!


bargain mobile homes for sale-1988 kitchen
This kitchen is a beauty.

Love the wall treatments and the mirror! 

bargain mobile homes for sale-1988 bathroom
What an unusual mirror.
bargain mobile homes for sale-1988 exterior
A pond completes the landscaping.

1971 Naussa Single Wide for $22,500

Very nice two bedroom mobile home in a 55+ mobile home park in Oregon. This home has had many updates including kitchen, floor, and bathroom.

For its age, it is in excellent condition and appears to have been well cared for.

bargain mobile homes for sale-1971 living room
Love this setup.
bargain mobile homes for sale-1971 kitchen
Nice open floor plan.
bargain mobile homes for sale-1971 exterior
The exterior colors compliment the home well.

1985 Double Wide for $22,995


If you are looking for an original mobile home with a good floor plan and plenty of awesome features, this is it!

This two bedroom/2 bath double wide sits in a 55+ community in California and the interior looks to be completely original.

It has a newer roof and the exterior looks to be in good shape. At $22K you can’t beat it!

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bargain mobile homes for sale-1985 living room
Plenty of light in this room.

I love builtins and cathedral ceilings!

bargain mobile homes for sale-1985 built-ins
Built-ins were very popular in the 80’s.
bargain mobile homes for sale-1985 exteruir
Who wouldn’t love a palm tree in their yard?

1972 Mobile Home for $7,500


Sometimes when we are searching for bargain mobile homes for sale, we’ll find one that blows us away. Here it is!

This 2 bedroom/2 bath mobile home sits in a 55+ community in Florida. A gorgeous kitchen remodel was completed in the last couple of years that added granite countertops and updated bathrooms.

We aren’t sure if this listing is a typo but if the price is correct this home will be off the market quick!


bargain mobile homes for sale-1972 interior
The cool colors of the walls are calming.


Love this kitchen! 

bargain mobile homes for sale-1972 kitchen
The kitchen is the star of this home.


bargain mobile homes for sale-1972 dining room
Plenty of room for entertaining.


bargain mobile homes for sale-1972 exterior
Love these carports.


These bargain mobile homes for sale this month are all under $25,000 and are either turn key and ready to move in to or just need a little TLC to make them new owner ready. As we have mentioned before older mobile homes are full of unlimited potential if you are willing to take the time and effort (and money) to make them into your dream home!

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living®.

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  1. I’m so sorry Victoria! Have you tried contacting your local housing authority? They may be able to help you get into a good neighborhood.

  2. On these 55+ community’s….Why can’t they also be for the disabled as well. Do they think that a person with Epilepsy is going to party? I’m 49 and I’m totally disabled with Epilepsy, back injury, scoliosis, kidney failure disease, degenerative disk disease. Plus, I’ve had 3 strokes and 7 TIA’s. Finding a place to live in a quite neighborhood is really hard to do. I don’t drink or do anything drugs that aren’t prescribed for me. I’m on SSDI and I need help getting around and that too is hard to find!! I have seizures and don’t drive anymore. People wonder why so many suicides happen in young people. It’s because we feel alone and have no one to help us with our major problems, like housing. I’m a suicide survivor and it’s getting harder to live where there’s no respect for a disabled person. I worked for 22 years doesn’t that count for anything. I use to volunteer. Now I’m being thrown under a rug. And kept in a trashy trailer. Thank God I was able to back out of the sale.

  3. Hi Sue,

    We find these homes on Zillow or Craigslist and link the homes by the large title. If the link doesn’t go through to the home’s listing it’s been sold. Sorry!

  4. Hi Sue,

    All you need to do is click on the bold title of each home. As long as the home is still for sale it will take you to the sales page (in this case, it’s a Zillow link). Thanks!

  5. Hi: How do I find more info re the 1972 mobile home in Florida you show above? I googled it, but no info was posted there.

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