buying a mobile home in colorado-park model home

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  1. Thanks for the resources for Colorado info. We just bought our first manufactured home in an age restricted community (loving it so far) here near Denver. While driving through the state I noticed there is a community in Dotsero that seems to have manufactured homes with 2 levels. How do we find out if there might be an option to add another level to our current home or might these be pre-manufactured homes using similar setups to traditional manufactuered (mobile) homes? Is it even an option for homes with the usual trusses/wheel framing etc? The thought of adding a small addition to the top with a patio would be a dream with the small lot sizes and reduced privacy due to proximity. Any info would be amazing! Thanks!

    1. Hi Heidi,

      I thought I replied to you a few days ago but my system is wonky and says I need to answer you again. Apologies. So, 2 stories manufactured homes are specially designed. You would not be able to add a second story to a regular manufactured home without spending a ton of money and basically rebuilding the entire thing as the second floor would need its own foundation. Now, you can add a small sun deck over a flat roof mobile home – it would still need its own foundation/footers but that can be done with posts beside the home.

      Hope that helps!