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  1. My wife and I purchased a 1959 skyline coach title lists it as a travel trailer which suits us just find, our problem has been no information is found concerning this trailer. We called skyline they have no information on this year, Atlas museum has no info that we can find 256 sq. the size and double axle if you can help us we would sure appreciate it . thank You for your time

    1. Hi Tony!

      Congratulations! 1959 was a good year! Unfortunately, there just aren’t a lot of resources for vintage mobile homes. The companies don’t offer anything on models that are no longer in production.

      Your best bet will be Facebook groups for vintage mobile homes. There are a couple of groups that you can upload a photo and you’ll have whatever information you could ever need about the trailer within a day (I’ve seen it happen a lot!). I can’t think if the names of the groups off hand but search for ‘vintage mobile homes,’ ‘travel trailers,’ etc and join the groups with the largest number of members.

      Best of luck! Have fun with it!