5 Cool Vintage Trailers That Make Us Want To Step Back in Time

Vintage trailer homes are a thing of beauty. They are what brought us to the awesome, modern-looking homes of today. From the early homes that were pulled behind cars, to the groovy look of the 1970’s mobile home, we are sharing 5 cool vintage trailer homes that make us want to step back in time.

1937 Pierce Arrow Travelodge Model C

The smallest of the models produced by Pierce Arrow, the Model C was only 13 feet long and there were only 74 assembled by the company at a price of $784. According to an auction post of a Travelodge Model C by Sotheby’s, it included a steel frame covered by sheet aluminum outer panels, and an interior of beautifully finished birchwood and gum with linoleum floors. It was mounted on fully independent suspension and featured a Bendix hydraulic brake, actuated by a vacuum cylinder connected by hose to the trailering car.

Pierce Arrow Travelodge Model C Interior
The dining area is most like the campers and trailers of the 70’s and 80’s.
Pierce Arrow Travelodge Model C Exterior
The Model C was considered luxurious for it’s time.
Pierce Arrow Travelodge Model C
Plenty of available light.

1948 Westcraft Sequoia

Westcraft vintage trailer homes started their production way back in 1932 with two different types of models, the Westcraft and the Westwood. The Sequoia we are sharing today was part of the Westcraft series and had what was referred to as a lantern roof. The 1948 model featured a birch interior, that gave it what was considered a modern look for that time.

According to Tin Can Tourists, Westwood trailers are still considered the best-made trailers of the ’40s and ’50s.

Westcraft Sequoia Kitchen
Still in the original condition!
Westcraft Sequoia Bedroom
Plenty of storage for such a small trailer.
Westcraft Sequoia Exterior
What do you think of the exterior look of the Sequoia?

1954 Ventoura Two Story Loft Liner Land Yacht

The Ventoura Two Story Loft Line Land Yacht is most definitely in our top five for cool vintage trailer homes. Since mobile homes of the early 1950s weren’t longer than 8′ long, in order to make up more space, the homes had to go up. The only drawback, stacking those bedrooms made for some very tight spaces up top. But, they sure did look cool!

Vintage Trailer Homes Ventoura Loft Liner Land Yacht Kitchen
This particular home has had some updates but still includes some of the original furnishings.
Ventoura Loft Liner Cut Away
Those upstairs bedrooms were made for children only.
Ventoura Loft Liner Land Yacht Drawing
They were so cool looking!
Ventoura Loft Liner Land Yacht
So well maintained.

1959 Spartan Carousel Trailer

The Spartan Carousel is our favorite of all the vintage trailer homes we are sharing today. Manufactured from 1958 until the company closed in 1962, the Spartan Carousel was designed in an effort to boost sales and stay competitive in the market. It included ultra-modern styling and never before seen curving floorplan. That curved design is what made the Carousel trailer a one-of-a-kind home.

Spartan Carousel Trailer Kitchen
The curved kitchen design was a first for mobile homes.
Spartan Carousel Trailer Light
The attention to detail makes these homes standout.
Vintage Trailer Homes Spartan Carousel Trailer

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1977 Golden West Triple Wide Mobile Home

Golden West first began manufacturing mobile homes in 1965 and have produced more than 70,000 since then. Originally, Golden West was an independent manufacturer. However, it was purchased by Oakwood Homes in the ’90s and later placed under Clayton’s umbrella in 2004.

Golden West still produces some of the top triple wide manufactured homes in the western part of the United States. Of course, the 1977 model is one of our favorites, with its

Golden West Triple Wide Kitchen
Floor to ceiling paneling was a staple of ’70s homes.
Triple Wide
The curved kitchen is a design that began in the ’50s.
Golden West Triple Wide Exterior
Awnings were a top feature in the ’70s.

We found all these cool mobile homes on Pinterest, so be sure to follow our Vintage Mobile Homes board to see what else we’ve found!

It’s so cool to see the transformation that the mobile home industy has made since the homes of the early ’30s. Do you have a favorite? Tell us about it in the comments!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living.

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