This 1979 mobile home was recently shared by one of our Facebook Group members and we all fell in love with not only the beautiful home but the gorgeous view! Listed for $125,000 the home was featured in the Oregonian and is currently owned by designers Hingyi and Julia Khong.

Located inside a much sought after manufactured home community, Hayden Island, this 1979 mobile home offers a view of Vancouver as well as being surrounded by the Columbia River.

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A Peaceful Refuge

We weren’t able to find any pictures of the home before the Khongs started their transformation but according to the couple, it was a typical 70’s mobile home with dark paneling and the usual built in’s that most 70’s manufactured homes had. However, that’s definitely not what the finished product looks like. Take a look:

Double Wide Interior
All the carpet was removed and white-washed oak flooring was installed.
Double Wide Fireplace
The fireplace was revamped and gas logs were installed.
Double Wide Kitchen
The couple removed a pantry wall and opened up the kitchen space to the rest of the home.
1979 Mobile Home Dining Area
Perfect for entertaining.
Double Wide Built In
Some of the original paneling was left to add character.
Mobile Home Bedroom
Warm white tones with cooler white trim were used throughout.
Mobile Home Bathroom
A century old desk was converted to a sink in the bath.

A Home With a View

There’s no doubt that the renovation of this 1979 mobile home was a labor of love by the Khongs. Most of the remodeling was done themselves, including redoing the entire yard, much of which had nothing growing in it. Flower and vegetable beds were planted and old rose bushes were revived and are now thriving.

Also, according to the couple:

We removed an ill-fitting add-on that blocked the sight of ospreys, blue herons, and bald eagles flying by. The couple said “I do” inside the glass-enclosed porch with a movable wall that reveals an unobstructed view of the Columbia River and downtown Vancouver, Washington. “We wanted the house to feel like you’re floating on a cloud,” says Julia Khong.

1979 Mobile Home Exterior
Older double wides were known for the large windows on the end of them.
Double Wide Porch
The view is breathtaking from the enclosed porch.
Double Wide View
The removable wall brings the outdoors inside!

The Khong’s did a wonderful job of breathing new life into this 1979 mobile home. They bought the home in 2014 and by doing most of the remodeling themselves and using reclaimed materials they were able to give themselves the financial freedom to explore their next step in life. We are sure that whoever buys this gorgeous home will enjoy it as much as they did!

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