Maine Single Wide Home For Sale Exterior

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for doing these.

    How would I be able to list my 3 br 1.5 bath, with addition, deck, and a very nice separate workshop outbuilding? Both structures have peaked roofs and free standing wood stoves.

    Located in a resort community about 60 miles NNE of Madison, Wisconsin on a beautiful wooded lot in an extremely peaceful and quiet neighborhood about 1.5 blocks from a lake and with a small marina and boat ramp.

    My comment about this article is you should consider adding a few things.

    A photo of the lot, plus a diagram of the structure.
    Photos of the entire bathroom with shots of the tub/shower.

    Parking and driveway.

    An aerial photo would also be very helpful.

    Last, the town they are located in with information about travel time to major cities and significant interests would help.

    Thanks again!