Today we are sharing 4 modern camper remodels that are sure to inspire you to update your own camper or RV before you and your family set off this Summer to explore the great outdoors. From modern farmhouse to modern luxury these remodels showcase just how cool a camper can be.

Pop-Up Camper is a Surprise

Pop-up campers have long had a reputation for being pretty basic when it comes to decor and setup. That’s definitely not the case with this budget-friendly remodel we found on Pop Up Princess.

A fresh coat of paint, new cabinet hardware, fresh fabric on the cushions throughout, and a cool update to the table and this camper was ready for the road!

Modern Camper Remodels Pop Up Camper Interior Before
Functional but not stylish described this camper.
Pop Up Camper During Remodel
It’s amazing what a little paint can do.
Pop Up Camper Interior After
Can hardly believe this is the same pop-up.
Pop Up Camper Dining Table
Wood strips attached to the tabletop completed the transformation.

All images courtesy of the Pop Up Princess.

Airstream Luxury

Our next find in modern camper remodels is a cool 1970’s Airstream. Although it was in pretty good shape when purchased, since the couple decided to live in it full time, they decided it needed some updates to give it a more modern look.

After fully gutting the interior down to the shell, the finished product is nothing short of luxurious.

Modern Camper Remodels Airstream Interior Before
Not too shabby.
Airstream Bathroom Before
Typical functional bathroom.
Airstream Bedroom Before
Bedroom definitely needed some love.
Airstream Dining Area After
The new interior is magazine ready.
Airstream Bathroom After
Modern bathroom.
Airstream Bedrooom After
Extra storage is a must.

All images courtesy of Hopscotch the Globe.

Welcoming 5th Wheel

Inspiring is the first word that comes to mind when we came across our next modern camper remodel. Taking this 5th wheel from a typical camper decor to a cozy but chic full-time home for right around $3,000 is nothing short of amazing.

Just like our other modern camper remodels, a fresh coat of paint was the biggest and easiest change made. Along with new furnishings, this 5th wheel became a cozy and stylish home for this family.

5Th Wheel Interior Before
Wallpaper and an outdated wood paneling highlighted the before look.
Th Wheel During Remodel
Stripping the camper down to the walls for a fresh coat of paint.
Th Wheel Interior With Kitchen Before And After
What a transformation.
Th Wheel Interior After
Play area for the kiddos was a necessity.
Th Wheel Exterior
The exterior was in good shape.

All images courtesy of Mountain Modern Life.

Light and Bright Camper

Our final remodel is a smaller camper that showcased all the typical features of older campers. Wallpaper, the wood accents, and dark cabinets, as well as the outdated fabric all had to go to create the light and bright finished look.

One of our favorite projects of this particular remodel, the addition of a pantry and double desk to create workspace for the couple as they traveled.

Light And Brigt Couch Before
The custom window dressing matched the furniture!
Light And Bright Camper Kitchen Before
Small but functioning kitchen.
Light And Bright Camper Interior Before
The space had so much potential.
Light And Bright Camper Couch After
Entertaining and pet friendly seating.
Light And Bright Camper Kitchen After
It hardly looks like the same kitchen.
Modern Camper Remodels Light And Bright Interior After
If living full time in a camper workspace is a priority.

All images courtesy of Today.

If you are thinking of remodeling a camper for either full time living or just for vacation use, it’s always good to have an idea of what your vision for the space will be. As you can see from our 4 remodels, painting the space white, pulling up the carpet, or changing the fabric of the cushions throughout are all easy ways to get the most bang for your makeover buck.

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