Trailer Travel, The History of Mobile America

The History of Mobile Homes

I collect vintage advertising, manuals and brochures of mobile homes and travel trailers. I have thousands at this point but like any typical collector, I always want more!

 I just put my order in for the book I have been wanting: Trailer Travel, The History of Mobile America and I found it for $12.57 shipped here. It’s not new but neither am I. The following post from modernhouse is how I first learned of the book and the gorgeous graphic design just speaks to me, “Crystal, I am beautiful and bold and I am about mobile homes, you must have me.”
Oh, do books not talk to you? That’s weird. 

Allison Arieffis is the Food & Shelter Ambassador for GOOD, writes the “By Design” column for the New York Times and blogs at modernhouse. She also co-authored Trailer Travel. This is how she explains the book:

A whirlwind of a project developed with Phil Noyes, Allison Arieff and myself, Trailer Travel, The History of Mobile America is a bold and graphic book offers a look at motor-camping trips in the early 1900s, the unparalleled innovations in trailer design during the thirties, rare and unique trailer models and interiors, and an extensive array of bold and graphic promotional material, literature, and postcards that illustrate the undeniable attraction of living on wheels. Trailer Travel is the perfect book for the fan of the open road and the fervent collector of trailer ephemera.

history of our mobile homes
history of mobile home book
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Trailer Travel, The History of Mobile America
9.9 x 8.9 x 0.5 inches. 160 pages. Published by Gibbs Smith, July, 2002.

I’ll let you know if I learn anything new. I hope there’s some great photos and ads that I’ve never seen before. Oh, be still my beating heart!

Thanks so much for reading Mobile & Manufactured Home Living!
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