6 Awesome Airstreams

Airstreams are the only mobile homes in the country that didn’t get a bum rap simply because they had wheels. Their appeal spans all income levels and all locations and they are as popular today as they were in their first years of production. We love Airstreams so anytime there’s an opportunity to take a look at some awesome Airstreams, we’re game.

Airstreams stayed focused on being a recreational travel home and not a daily living concept. They could’ve lowered their price and opened the market up but they didn’t. They kept their price points above average and this allowed them to keep quality in their product.

Quality alone is what Airstreams are known for. The homes that were built in their first year are still in use today. Today, they are witnessing a huge resurgence in popularity but unfortunately, it appears that their quality has taken a backseat to the production.

There are a lot of great makeovers and updates going on in Airstreams, here are 6 that we love.

Sexy Steampunk 

Eclectic Dining Room design by Other Metro Architect Paul Welschmeyer 

Modern Marvel 

Architect Paul Welschmeyer began by developing a ‘Trailering Tao.’ which stipulated above all that ‘everything must have two or more uses. The streamlined structure does double duty as a family vacation home and mobile office.

Contemporary Dining Room design by New York Architect Good Cottage

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Contemporary Kitchen design by New York Architect Good Cottage

This Airstream is Sleek Inside and Out 

Courtney Trent of Good Cottage left some of the interior aluminum skin intact for this trailer, she added custom rubbed-wood veneer cabinets and hand-finished wood planks. The bathroom is all teak paneling.

The Formica-covered storage unit doors were removed and replaced with glass slides. A built-in bench with a comfy cushion and a wood-topped stool flank a custom-designed narrow mahogany dining table with hidden eaves that expand to create more eating surface.

On the bottoms of the table, legs are nailhead-like caps that allow the table to slide easily on the Flor wool carpet panels to create a workstation by the sofa.

Contemporary Home Office design by New York Architect Good Cottage

Cozy and Modern Airstream

Modern Bedroom design by Kristiana Trow Spaulding

Traditional Airstream Decor

Traditional Kitchen design

It’s not often you find homelike decor like this in a tin-can Airstream. But one of the reasons people love these trailers so much is that they’re so versatile. Here, stylish wood floors, ceiling, and furniture enrich the vibe, while a tile backsplash, marble-inspired countertops and a chandelier make any notion of this being something you pull behind a car or truck melt away.

American Retro Caravans

This sleekly designed corporate trailer from American Retro Caravans has a private meeting area, flat-screen TVs, a wine cooler, a coffee machine, and sophisticated furnishings.

Modern Living Room design by San Diego Building SuppliesCali Bamboo

These 6 awesome Airstreams can give you lots of ideas for your own small camper or even a room. If you’ve remodeled your own Airstream or any camper, vintage or modern, let us know.

We would love to share it!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living. 

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  1. Wow, lots of different styles and looks put into these Airstreams. I'm partial to the silvery grey one by Good Cottage.

  2. Those are great pictures and offer lots of ideas, I love the elegance and simplicity featured. Thanks for sharing!