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  1. I was wondering if you knew of any maintenance services for the up keep of a mobile home for someone who is elderly or disabled. Surely there is a market for such a service. I only get Angi’s list when I google, but there must be companies that specialize in this. Perhaps you could ad this to your blog. I want to set up a disabled person in their own MH on their own land, but they are not in the shape to keep up on the year-round maintenance. There must be services that specialize in this with a proven track record. Angi’s list has been flakey to me. Your help with this would be a quality of life boon.

    1. We are currently working on a directory of different professionals for mobile homes but it is quite an undertaking to include the whole country. Depending on your area you may be able to contact social services or a commission on aging who may have some resources for seniors available.


    1. Hi Gary,

      Every home is different so an inspection would be necessary to see how it should be done. Framing out an overhang isn’t usually too complicated on a gabled roof. You’ll find the best angle to attach the new framing to the original structure and frame it out. It’s a lot of math! Sorry I can’t be more help. Best of luck!

  3. I didn’t know a mobile home being off level could cause cracks and misalignment. I guess that’s because mobile homes are pretty heavy. It’s good to do regular maintenance and checks. I guess I’ll have to start checking my home’s balance during those checks.

  4. I have bought a 1983 double wide Feb, 2016. Not knowing what I got myself into found bad sub-flooring, rotted joist and wall studs. I tore down walls, built walls, etc. Did 70% of the remodel myself after going through 3 contractors which left me not finishing work and/or ripping me off. I have interesting pictures of before and after [not quite finished] but thought sharing would be great. Wondering if your interested? I read allot off your website to learn how to do the remodel. By the way I am a senior single female, do it yourself kinda girl.

    1. Hi, Karen!

      I don’t want to scare you, but I usually associate the word mushy with water damage. It could be several things, though. If you can pull up your floor covering and take a look at your subfloor, please do so. You may want to go under the home to look for any signs of water damage (from leaks or just condensation). It could be the subflooring just needs to be tightened down too.

      It’s good that you have noticed this as it is usually a sign of some kind of issue but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a serious problem like water damage (though if it is water damage you want to find the source and replace the wood as soon as possible). Best of luck and please let me know how it goes!

    2. Karen, if you have linoleum flooring I’d also check the glue used to hold it down because some people will shill you and use cheaper glue not made for flooring. The glue doesn’t dry like it’s supposed to and you get that mushy feeling. Hopefully it’s nothing that costs a lot to replace.

    3. We are elderly & have owned & lived in our double wide since 1991. We had it insulated with new vinyl siding, a new steel roof & now it seems our floors are having issues with soft spots. Is there a contractor that we can contact to repair our home without ripping us off ?

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