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  1. We are looking to purchase a 1977 double wide mobile home in Homosassa, florida and the house has been well taken care of but the kitchen is a lot like yours especially the curved counter top and the built in oven and cook top. I really want to remove the cook top and the built and place a regular stove in there with an oven going to have to figure that one out – there isn’t much room but we will see how resourceful we can be. The floor has been tiled so that part is done but I can always put down vinyl flooring – again, it’s not worth much for replacement but I think we can make it work and a cute waterfront home for the next few years. Going to be checking out some new ways to do things and see what you have achieved and see if we can do it ourselves as well

  2. This is so awesome! I have been trying to research the model of mobile home I grew up in and found this blog as this is the same kitchen we had. Great job. I could never have imagined it would have looked so amazing! What is the make/model of this particular mobile home? Do you have this information. I can’t find this info anywhere. Thanks for any info you have. Happy New Year!

  3. I have just purchased a 20 year old mobile home in a beautiful part of the Florida Panhandle. While we were hit hard by hurricaine Michael, thankfully I just had a few downed trees. I am starting with the flooring and redoing the entire home. Thank you for the great ideas. I do not want to spend $$ on cabinets so I will have to be very resourseful. I will be looking for ideas and you have some very good ones. I will be looking at Mimi’s as well. Thank you!!

  4. So glad I found this site, I am slowly remodeling my 2006 double wide mobile home! Working on the kitchen now and living room next!!

  5. Love that I found this site! In the next few weeks I’ll begin my own manufactored home remodle and will be referencing this site often!!!

  6. Fantastic kitchen remodeling in here! I saw a very good combination before and after remodeling and without any question I just want to say that it’s totally outstanding service and definitely I will look forward to get this service for my own kitchen.

  7. Really liked the kitchen remodel and the most important thing that I liked the storage cabinets those they have created in the kitchen. This makes the kitchen clutter free.

  8. This is wonderful, I was searching some tips for my kitchen remodeling and I am really glad to have everything here in this bog. Thank you very much for your help and useful tips.

  9. I've been reading Mimi's blog for quite some time but I must have missed the final result of her sis's kitchen. Love the two tone cabinets and black and white scheme, I could move right in and not change a thing. Mimi always takes on a great project with amazing results.

    1. Hi Shirley! I had somehow missed her amazing blog. I've made up for lost time though and have been reading every page. I hope she doesn't mind that I shared it. I usually try to contact everyone for whole home transformations but if it's just a single room or project I post with proper credit. She is one mean tool welding machine ;)

  10. Congratulations, Mimi! I love seeing owners of manufactured homes pick up a hammer and saw with no fear.

    Love the pantry cabinet and what a great idea for over the window!