Mobile Home Siding Guide

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  1. I live in southern Ontario, I live in a mobile home I want to replace the aluminum siding with vinyl. I will be putting up plywood boards first do I need to put plastic over insulation before the plywood? The inside walls are panelling not drywall.

  2. Great info! I may plan to do stucco on one house and log siding on the other. What are your thoughts on stucco for the exterior? Do you think I can put a ceramic-tile roof? I’m trying to achieve a Mediterranean-style look.

  3. I have had my mobile home for 8 years. I am debating on should I redo the siding now or wait. I purchased my home new. Also I am thinking about redoing the skirting which is vinyl and the next door neighbors have put holes in that side which is towards them, the other part of the skirting is in good shape. So should I replace it with a better skirting all the way around.

  4. Mobile siding for the win!. Never thought about weight being an issue…especially when you have to maybe one day move the whole thing. What a conundrum.

    1. Hi Deb,

      You can install it and I’ve seen it done many times but I’ve spoken to a couple of pro’s and they don’t like the idea because of condensation and/or water damage. If the siding is healthy and you install gutters. Best of luck!

    1. Hi Lankovy,

      About the best way to soundproof would be thicker insulation or soundproofing material between your wall and siding and get better windows. However, I’ve seen sound studios that just trimmed out or framed the soundproofing material on the interior wall like a picture frame and that may help without being too expensive or difficult. Best of luck!

  5. My aluminum clad mobile home In Ottawa Canada has a flat roof. This spring I’m thinking of putting vinyl siding on and putting on a screened in porch. I’m not sure how to have the roof of the porch meet up with the roof of the mobile. Would it be best to get a pitched roof put on the mobile first?

  6. I appreciate all the info. It’s like one stop shopping! All your pics seem to be gone in your siding articles. Any chance it’s an easy fix? I absorb better with visuals :)

    1. Hi Audrey!

      Thanks for letting me know! I think I have it fixed but please let me know if you’re still not seeing them please let me know (you may need to clear your browser’s cache). I am at the mercy of technology and I struggle with it sometimes.
      Thank you!

  7. When removing old siding and replacing with new siding (vinyl), should the siding be started at the top or the bottom?

    1. Hi Faith,

      With vinyl you will start at the bottom and overlap as you go. Screw the vinyl into your studs through the holes in the top. You’ll overlap the next piece above it to cover the holes. You’ll want to ‘stack’ the each piece of vinyl like brick so the pieces end in various places, otherwise, the seam will create a straight line.

      Best of luck!

  8. Hi guys
    As you’ve seen my 1955 Fleetwood Custom the coach itself is like a hotdog in a bun. It has a floating roof over it and the California room and on the other side is the added bedroom and bathroom. I’ve always loved board and batten siding. I had it on my 1950 house in Sherman Oaks. Can I go over the existing horizontal wood that’s weathered? I could even insulat it over the old stuff and then do the B&B and in wood, not plastic
    I finally took down the drop ceiling of aspostos squares to expose the beamed ceiling. I’d leave it natural but half of it was painted yellow. I’m thinking of a grey green and panel the three walls with my left over clear pine panels. At Lowe’s in the paint department someone returned a wood sealer with color in it. It looked like the emerald city. I had them put a touch of grey in it and I love how it looks on the panels. It’s stain and brings out the color of the different wood. I have mahogany barn doors I used it on and tried samples on the panels in my carport. I’ll try and see if I can download pictures. The stain was $38 but marked down to $15 for a gallon and I bought both. One mans trash is another mans trailer find!f. Crystal how do I download pictures? Send them to you directly?

  9. I have a 900 sq ft 1988 Clayton manufactured home and I just built a 600 sq ft addition. I’m looking at siding the whole thing with Nichiboard fiber cement siding but I’m concerned about the weight on the manufactured home section. The metal girds on the block pillars under the house are set 3 feet from the edge of the walls on all sides with tapered metal extensions along every 3rd joist narrowing down to a lip under the walls. Is that really enough to support fiber cement? Thanks for all the info on your site!

    1. Hi Eric,

      I’m not too familiar with fiber cement but I’m told that it is possible with proper framing and/or reinforcement. What proper framing/reinforcement means is the question since there are so many variables at play: installation setup, size, ceiling, and framing, etc.

      I would contact a dealer and see what they have to say. Sorry, I can’t be any help.

  10. I have just moved into an older (1970) mobile home. It has aluminum siding and skirting. Having always lived in a “stick built” house for over 70 years this is all new to me. I know that dirt should not be above the foundation on a wooden frame home, what is the rule of thumb with aluminum siding? I enjoy gardening so I want to get rid of all the rock surrounding my mobile home. In order for the planting beds to be level or close to level with the sidewalks I would need to have the dirt extend about 4″ above the bottom of the skirting. What, if any, issues could that cause?

    1. It’s best to remove the framing around the windows so you can seal the windows properly with the new siding intact. While each job is different, installing new siding is a great time to update your jams, caulking and weatherproofing.

      Best of luck!

  11. I am looking to reside my doublewide with the vinyl insulated siding. I’m just having trouble finding someone that can do the job at a reasonable price with possible payment plan. Do you know how I can find the right person to talk with?

    1. Hi Marisa,

      I don’t know anyone in your area but maybe another reader can help out. In WV, I think I saw a commercial for Window World about getting windows and siding on payments. I’m not sure if they are a national company though. Sorry!

  12. I need to remove 2 windows that the previous owner tiled over on the inside and left open on the outside of my mobile home. I realize there is much involved in removing, bracing, insulating and water proofing. My question – can the siding be pieced together to cover the now empty space or should the entire length of siding be replaced? The area is approx 2ft W x 6ft L on the back of the mobile home which is exposed to all elements.

    1. Hi Val,

      It is a very smart idea to get those close up. If nothing else, caulk all the seams of the window and then patch the hole with insulation and then sheathing and something to use as siding (making sure it’s all sealed well). You may want to add a gutter above the windows so water doesn’t travel down the side of the home. This will at lower the possibility of leaks.

      Let me know how it goes!

  13. I just had to evict someone. They sold their home and misled the new owner by telling him he could leave it in our park and sublet it. Both against our rules. I am trying to figure out a way to save this new owner some money, a young man, with a family who planned on renting it out. I am thinking of asking him to put new siding on the home and if he can I will let him forego the cost of moving and just leave the home here and sell it to someone who will stay here. I need a ball park price to mention to him. Just a ballpark price on vinyl. It is a single wide and I think 60 feet long. Flat roof:( It may cost more to put on siding. I just do not have a clue. Can the new vinyl siding be put over the old metal siding? Ballpark price of the cheapest vinyl and installation.

    1. Hi Terry,

      Siding is one of those things that are dependent on a lot of variables: location, type, and whether the old siding has to be removed are just three. You should be able to get a couple of appraisals for free from local companies.

      best of luck!

  14. Can smart wood primed 4×8 panels be installed over original T1 11siding on a double wide 1993 Redman Manufactured home? After spot cut out and replace rotten wood sections.

    1. Is it common for Redman to put cheap T1-11 siding on and not paint it under the trim? Our is 24 years old and now all the bottom underneath the trim is rotten. Redman is well known for quality homes. I cant believe they did this. We are trying to figure out how to deal with the section of bottom that is rotted now.

      1. Hi Marion,

        Redman is the brand my father bought in 1986 and we had a ton of problems through the years. The siding and trim were our biggest issues. We had leaks on roofing, windows, doors, etc. Dad bought a model without any exterior sheathing under the siding for some reason – it was just vinyl siding attached to frame and insulation (I didn’t even see plastic sheathing on the ends). So, I’m gonna say it probably was very common – they seemed to cut corners a lot.

        Best of luck!

  15. I am in the process of planning a residing project on my 1999 Doublewide here in WV. Last year when changing some of the existing siding I learned that the home is sided in vinyl with nothing between it and the interior walls but Insulation and some green Styrofoam about an 1/8 inch thick. Nothing structural on the exterior walls at all (I was wondering why my heating bill was so high in the winter). My plan for next year is to replace all of the original siding but before I do, I want to sheath and wrap the exterior to better seal it from the elements then reside with new Vinyl. Is there anything I need to be aware of before hand as far as preventing moisture buildup inside? Are my choice in materials wise ones?

    1. Hi John,

      You actually have a better siding situation than most, as a lot of standard homes (with no upgrades) don’t even have the styrofoam. It’s just vinyl siding attached straight to the studs with some insulation in between. Your home was likely a bit more expensive than the basic model.

      To be honest, your question is over my head. I do know that moisture is going to be an issue for you (ceiling and siding modifications typically always incur moisture issues) but the remedy is going to depend on the products you use. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

      PS Always great to hear from a fellow West Virginian!

  16. We are in the process of residing our 1999 double wide, using a cement board plank. The house was originally sided with vinyl that has a black coated fiber board under it. Once we put up the window and corner trim, there are then no studs to nail the end of the plank to. The stud can be 8-10″ away. We cannot afford to put wood sheathing up and then the siding. How have others handled this?

    1. HI Kristie,

      I’m not very knowledgeable about this topic so I’m going to email a friend of mine that does siding and window installation and see what he recommends. I have seen companies just attach a new stud to the old (like a king stud but with no structural integrity) to extend the surface area for attaching sheet rock and such but I’m not sure that is the proper method for siding installation.

      I’ll comment under this one when I hear back from my friend.

  17. I live in Arizona and see a lot of stucco sided mfg homes. I’m about to move into a double wide and in the subdivision it is located in, there are two that have been stucco’d. I’ve read there is such a thing as stucco siding for mfg homes. Either having one stucco’d or getting the siding I’d like to have more information on – especially some costs. I’ve not been able to find such in Google searches. Do you have a resource for this?

    1. Hi Amber,

      Unfortunately, I’m from WV and know very little about how mobile homes are done in the West. I do know that stucco is used often as a siding but I do not know the intricacies of it. I’ll add the topic to my list of to-write posts.

      Here’s what I found on Google:

      The third link,, is really helpful. I would consult a reputable plastering contractor in your area for more info.

      Best of luck! Thanks for reading MHL!


  18. Hello!
    I just was wondering if you have source for this amazing home pictured in your siding article, thank you!

  19. My Prefab 32 by 24 classroom just got moved to the land was a contractor auction on several of them. It is going to be my retirement cabin, with Log siding and stone skirting. Log is to be on inside walls as well. A porch added, etc. Its gona take some time and money to get her done but A good investment for what the $340.00. plus $2800.00 moving and set up i cant go wrong. i think it will blend right in here in the SC mountains.

  20. I can not find any info on where to purchase faux stone siding for a mobile home nor can I find info on how to install it. Do you have any sources for this? I live in Alabama and carpenter bee’s are hard on us here therefore i can not go with any kind of wood. I wanted a log look but now am persuaded that stone look is best.
    Thank you! Love the site.

  21. Hi Crystal, thank you so much for this article. Early this year we bought a 3-bedroom 1985 Schultz Mobile Home and we are searching for ideas on the siding. And I find your article helpful. We are considering the log cabin look as well, but we would be using a faux log, I think. And like you said, we would love to shop locally or within the state to hopefully cut the shipping cost. I even told my husband about using maybe some corrugated metal roof as siding, but I am not sure how that would go. We are definitely going to do some research before we decide on what to use for the siding. The Hardie Plank sounds good to though. Thanks again!

  22. Eastern Hemlock, might be the most under used really cool siding. Look at the barns that have stood for 100+ years, that’s likely hemlock as the siding. Hemlock will perform very well, except it cannot touch the ground. Keeping the hemlock a foot off the ground should be no problem for mobile homes. You can get it at the Local Amish sawmills.

    1. Thank you so much for the info Norm! I’m not very informed of the different types of wood so that’s great information to have. Appreciate you taking the time to let us know and if you have any more tips or tricks please share them! Thank you!!

  23. Hi,it not that simple n replacing siding on a older single wide.most have no or little do vinyl right requires 7/16 osb,housewrap,and the vinyl siding.if u have no overhang,this pushes your exterior out,thus water runnin behind your siding .you must add overhang before adding vinyl with no overhang.

  24. I’m not sure where you come up with the idea that fiber-cement siding is more expensive than vinyl. My home improvement company does dozens of siding jobs per year, and we install Hardie and LP Smartside for much less than the cost homeowners have been quoted for vinyl. We don’t work a lot on mobile homes, but the Hardie or Smartside Panels would seem to be a better choice than lap siding, due to lower weight and fewer seams.

    1. Hi Michael!

      Most premium construction products have a tendency to fluctuate wildly depending on the time of year here in my neck of the woods but vinyl usually always runs only a few cents per foot. I’ve heard that vinyl is pretty expensive in some parts of the country though, I guess it all depends on where you’re at and how much you buy – my husbands company does buy vinyl and metal roofing in bulk but we can’t do that with lumber and cement products cause we simply don’t have enough dry storage so we end up paying more than we should have to.

      I’ll try to look it up through our supplier when I get a chance and see what we’re paying for them. Thanks!

    2. I agree Michael
      I just look into vinyl cost of siding I have 16 by 80 mobile home priced between
      6000 to 7000 on vinyl
      cement board to do all around the home is about 2000 big difference plus the extra weather protection I need here in Minnesota

  25. Could I have some info about the mobile home sidings? We are particularly interested in the logs to make it resemble a log cabin! Thanks

    1. Hi Susan!

      A home with the log cabin look is gorgeous! There’s several options for you – you can use real wood, vinyl, and even cement shaped in the log wood – they have flat backs with the log curve on the front, adding special corner pieces adds the extra touch to resemble a true log cabin. That’s probably the cheapest option and it looks great. There’s lots of dealers online and you can also order from your local home improvement store.

      Here’s the Google search for log siding – there’s lots of online dealers but shipping would probably be expensive: Log Siding

      Another option is your local sawmill (if real wood is preferred), that would probably cut down on costs a bit because there’s no shipping. You could also contact your local contractor and ask them about their log siding resource – they’ve probably tracked down the cheapest place for your area.

      Log siding is beautiful – I hope you find exactly what you are looking for!

  26. Hi Marie! I would love to see (and share) your home! It sounds like you have gotten a real gem and are living in exactly the type of home I dream of. If you ever want to have your home featured on MMHL please contact me. My email is Thanks so much for commenting!

  27. do you have any pictures of kids room remodels in mobile would be perfect if i could find some pics of those as well as ones with storage solutions…i have a 3 bedroom single wide and i was looking for a way to make the two rooms roomier for my boys but in a cute way…thanks

  28. Thank you very much Mr. Parker for your comment and your link! I appreciate it very much. Mobile Homes can be updated so easily with new siding and it can change the whole look. The only downfall is cost but it's an investment well worth it.

  29. I agree that vinyl siding last long and budget friendly. Different designs of vinyl are coming in the market for vinyl siding designing. If anyone like the look of wooden siding then i suggest to use cedar siding…
    installing vinyl siding