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Beautiful Space Saving Bedroom Ideas

Mobile homes, especially older single wides like mine, are tight on space. You have a choice of being a complete minimalist or having a very organized home in order to make you and your family most comfortable. Finding usable space for storage is often difficult so if you can make a piece of furniture double as a usable storage compartment you are winning the battle against the clutter.  Here’s some great space saving bedroom ideas:

Bedrooms are very important in the space utilizing hunt. There’s several things you can do to make extra space: add shelving, utilize normally neglected areas like under the bed or the closet floor, and buying a bed that has built in compartments.

space saving bedroom ideas for mobile homes

Following are some great beds that serve double duty to add space for organization. They are also gorgeous pieces of furniture. They could turn even the smallest of bedrooms into a comfortable, well organized haven. Here are some great examples of beds that are usable for much more than just sleeping.

space saving bedroom ideas for manufactured homes

I think the use of “vintage” pallets is a wonderful way to add height, steps for your beloved animals and lots of texture to your bedroom. For an artist or scrapbook enthusiasts the pallets would also be usable storage for flat and rolled paper. A few of my favorite things:

space saving bedroom ideas 2

You can get inspiration to make your mobile home the best it can be just about anywhere. I found these photos on a site called Olioboard. If you haven’t checked it out, you’re going to want to, especially if your about to remodel, update or decorate. Olioboard allows you to make design boards just like the ones above, re-size the objects and save or print them. You simply chose a category, search through the huge inventory and add whatever you like. It is a great way to put your thoughts about a design into a visual forum and waste a lot of time. It’s so much fun though!

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