Helpful Things To Consider Before Beginning A Mobile Home Remodeling Project

A mobile home remodeling project can seem overwhelming especially if you aren’t prepared. But, if you take the time to get your project plans in order before starting, it will make things much easier. Here are 5 helpful things to consider before you begin your next project.

Have a Vision

The first step to any successful mobile home remodeling project is to figure out exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Is this a whole home remodel or just one room? Are you tearing out and starting fresh or just updating the space? Try sites like Pinterest or one of the cool apps we found on Curbed to help you create the perfect finished product.

What’s the Budget?

When trying to set a budget for your mobile home remodeling project there are several things to consider. First, you need to know where the money for the project is coming from. Next, ballpark the cost (think around $100 to $200 per square foot depending on the project). Finally, factor in the cost of a contractor if you aren’t planning to do the work yourself. Once you have a figure in mind, add a little to it in order to give yourself a cushion for the unexpected.

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Do You Need A Permit?

Permits are a tricky business when it comes to remodeling projects. We always suggest a call to your local permitting office if you are unsure if your project will require a permit. Of course, anything that has to do with an addition to your home will probably require a permit.

These are just general guidelines. (source

Should You Hire a Pro?

If you are trying to decide whether you can do your remodeling project you need to ask yourself these three questions.

  • Does your project require a pro? Any electrical work should definitely be completed by a professional.
  • Do you have the skills and tools to complete the project yourself?
  • Do you have the time to commit to the project?

Once you ask yourself these questions you will know pretty quickly whether you should tackle the project yourself or start looking for a contractor to complete it for you.

Be Ready for the Unexpected

Remodeling projects can be full of surprises. Whether it’s unexpected expenses, not being completed in the time frame you hoped for, the mess that comes with remodeling, or the stress of having your home out of order, you and your family need to be prepared. Try to keep things in perspective, the mess and noise won’t last forever!

This reader was prepared for the mess that comes with a remodeling project.

A mobile home remodeling project doesn’t have to turn your home and life upside down. If you do your homework before you start you can take a lot of the stress out of the project.

Have any tips or tricks you would like to share with our readers that you learned while completing your own mobile home remodeling project? Comment below, we would love to share it with our readers.

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