A Coastal Dream Cottage Mobile Home

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  1. Very nice, it’s wonderful to have a beautiful and comfortable home that is affordable.

    I have a place you maybe interested in featuring, 1958 single wide 420 sq. Ft located overlooking the tule river in the Central Valley. It was in much worse condition than this and now is very nice and cozy.

  2. Hi Kim… wonderful site. We live in a 1974 Domus in the Malibu, CA area. By any chance do you know where we could find info about the Domus builders from the 1970’s?

    Warm regards,

    1. I tried to research them but can’t seem to find anything. Most of those builders from the 70’s were bought out by bigger builders like Clayton over the years. If I find anything I will share it with you!

    1. We don’t really have any listings for contractors. It is something we are working on for our readers though. You might try Angie’s list or the yellow pages? Just make sure to get references and check them out on the Better Business Bureau. Good Luck!