Our Best Tips to Remodel a Mobile Home on a Budget

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Have you seen the price of a gallon of paint lately? One gallon of premium interior paint can run you $50! A good paint brush will cost an easy $15. The trick to remodel a mobile home on a budget is balance. You need to know where to splurge and where you can cut corners without losing quality (paint is definitely in the splurge column).

We’ve had many home owners share their best tips to help remodel a mobile home on a budget. Here are just a few of them:

Start with a Plan to Remodel a Mobile Home on a Budget

Remodeling a mobile home on a budget requires great planning. You’ll want to know where to spend and when to save. Without a plan, you’ll most likely end up spending more than you had planned. Whether you’re planning to renovate your entire kitchen or just freshen up your bathroom you’ll need to make a list and set a budget.

  • A detailed plan of the changes you want made to the mobile home
  • Setting a realistic budget that covers your renovation needs and any surprise issues
  • Finding contractors that will do quality work at a reasonable price if the project isn’t DIY

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Remodel a Mobile Home on a Budget - prepare and plan the remodel
Planning your mobile home remodel out can save a lot of time and money.

Save Money with these Kitchen Remodeling Tips 

The most popular home remodeling project in the US is a kitchen update or complete remodel. Kitchen remodels are smart because they have a decent return on investment and cooking in a fancy new kitchen is pretty awesome. Appliances and styles wear out but you can give your kitchen an update with these tips:

Counter Tops

  • Go with Synthetic Counter Tops – Counter tops easily define the look of a kitchen. Rather than going for expensive materials chose man-made materials. Synthetic counter tops have a long lifespan and stand up against wear and tear remarkably well. There are many styles available, many look just like granite and marble.
  • Paint the Counters  You can paint your old counter tops. Hear me out, the kits available today are 100 times better than what was on the market just a couple of years ago. The paint industry has had some serious advancements. Preparation seems to be the key to the best results.
Our Best Tips to Remodel a Mobile Home on a Budget 1


  • Just Replace the Cabinet Doors – Instead of replacing your entire kitchen cabinet just replace the doors. The standard lower cabinets in a mobile home kitchen are a bit different than a site built home because there are no floors in the cabinets. The frame for the cabinets are truly built into the space. Mobile home cabinets are also a bit lower in height than the standard site built home cabinets. By just replacing the cabinet’s doors you can save a lot of money and installation headaches.
  • Just Replace the Cabinet Knobs or Pulls – A mobile home remodel on a budget doesn’t have to be extensive. Small details are often the most important when it comes to home design. New door knobs or handles on your kitchen cabinets can be exactly what the space needs for a fresh new look.

More Tips to Remodel a Mobile Home on a Budget

  • Keep the Same Layout– Keep your plumbing and electrical in the same location will save money if you are doing a complete kitchen remodel.
  • Scratch and Dent save Money – You can save a lot of money by shopping in the scratch and dent section. A dent on the side of a refrigerator won’t be noticeable if you have a wall or a cabinet covering it.
Remodel a Mobile Home on a Budget - DIY is always a great way to save money
If you can DIY you can save a ton of money!

Save Money on Bathroom Remodels

A good bathroom or kitchen update will make the entire home feel more modern. Unfortunately, bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive rooms to update. You can still remodel a mobile home on a budget and create a modern bathroom with the following tips.

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, use the room’s small size to your advantage. Small spaces are a good place to splurge a bit and finding discounts on overstock or discontinued stock is a great way to do that. You can find overstock sales and discounts on small batches of home improvement materials like tile, flooring, mirrors, and wallpaper at just about every home improvement supply store.

Our Best Tips to Remodel a Mobile Home on a Budget 2

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Save Money on Living Room Remodels

For living rooms, you don’t have to do much or spend much to achieve a beautiful new room. Budget-friendly changes like new paint, new outlet covers, trim, or light fixtures can help transform living spaces cheap and fast. Repainted window frames and opting for bold wallpapers can do wonders, too.

Our favorite living room updates in order: 

  • Paint the ceiling
  • Paint the walls
  • Update the flooring (new rugs work great)
  • New lighting (ceiling, lamps, uplight, and downlight)
  • Install thicker trim or paint the current trim
  • New light switch and outlet covers
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Furnishings and Decor

Quality is what matters when it comes to furnishings. I learned the hard way with a $199 futon a few years ago. Had I spent just a couple hundred more it would have made a huge difference. If new furniture is out of your budget, consider doing some furniture upgrades. New upholstery and re-painting or re-staining the wood can make your old furniture look brand new.

If you do need new furniture, it really does pay to buy the highest quality pieces you can. Consignment stores and Craigslist are perfect places to find good furniture at great prices. Furniture, like paint, is one of those ‘get what you pay for’ products. Quality pieces last longer and save money in the long run.

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measuring a window

Hiring Experts to Remodel a Mobile Home on a Budget

One of our favorite mobile home investing experts, Rachel Hernandez, has had a lot of mobile homes repaired and remodeled. If anyone knows how to save money and work with remodeling professionals, it’s her. She usually has to do some kind of repair or renovation after every tenant vacates a home. Finding the right professionals at the right price is the key to a remodel a mobile home on a budget. To find these elusive professionals she recommends contacting the following people and asking for recommendations:

  • Local mobile home dealership
  • Local mobile home parts supply store
  • Your Parks maintenance crew
  • Community announcement boards

Once you have a list of a few contractors be sure to interview them, call previous clients, and check for complaints. She also shares great information on her blog about renting mobile homes. While regular inspections are critical, property owners can monitor for Airbnb sublets to identify unauthorized use of their properties.

The Bottom Line

Preparation and spending the time and effort to shop for sales and overstock discounts are great ways to remodel a mobile home on a budget. In fact, it’s probably the best tip we can give you.

Home renovations can be quite expensive, especially if you’re planning a large remodeling project. However, you don’t have to spend a lot to make a big impact. You should always consult a remodeling expert for big projects before starting.

Thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

Painted Kitche Cabinets In Remodeled Manufactured Home In San Fran Kitchen 1
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