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Where to Find Mobile Home Parts and Supplies

If you own a mobile home you already know it’s tough to find mobile home parts. Buying the properly sized mobile home parts for your project will save you money in the long run so it’s pretty important that we be able to find the parts we need. This article will give you a good start to find the right parts for your home.

Bathtubs and doors are your two biggest culprits for being sized differently from a standard site-built home. Of course, you can go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy the $199 bathtub they carry in stock, but it’s 6″ too long so you’ll need to tear down a wall to install it.  While the special-sized mobile home bathtub is going to cost more to purchase you’ll save money because retrofitting always takes additional time and money.

Learn more about the parts you can and cannot use from the big national home improvement stores in our mobile home bathroom guide.

Things to Consider When Ordering Mobile Home Parts Online

There are a few things you should understand and consider before you shop for mobile home parts online: the store’s return policy, shipping, warranties, and restocking fees.

Return Policy 

If there’s a chip in the bathtub when you receive it, will you be able to return the product? And, if you can return the product who pays for the shipping?


What happens if you install a product but it fails within 3 months? Is it the store or the manufacturer’s warranty that covers the part?

Shipping Costs 

Return shipping will always cost more. This is because the stores have special bulk shipping rates with the large shipping companies. For example, the store pays $50 to have a door shipped but you will pay $150 to have the same window shipped back.

You need to be aware of the shipping costs both to your home and back to the store should you need to return an item.

If you order the wrong size or part for your home you may be stuck with it since the cost of shipping a product back may be more than the price you paid. If it’s obvious you ordered the wrong size or part refuse the delivery.

If you suspect an item has been damaged during shipping do not sign the delivery slip. In most cases, once you sign that delivery confirmation you are stating that the items you received are acceptable to you. If you refuse to accept delivery you will not be responsible for return shipping.

Restocking Fees

Be careful of restocking charges. Some stores charge as much as 20% of the cost in addition to the return shipping. So, even if a store will accept the return you may lose over half the cost and end up with nothing.

Where to Find Mobile Home Parts Online 

There are four popular mobile home parts stores and suppliers online. Of course, there are many smaller stores online but these four are the largest we know and have a national presence.

We’ll give you links and a quick bio of each along with their stated shipping, return, and warranty policies. We are affiliates of two of these stores (Vintage Trailer Supplies and Mobile Home Parts Store) which means if you buy anything using certain links we will get a small cut of the sale at no additional cost to you.

Mobile Home Parts Store

mobile home parts-mobile home parts store

Mobile Home Parts Store is located in North Carolina and is by far the largest mobile home parts supplier online. They sell practically any interior or exterior product you could need. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will receive notices of sales, coupons and currently available discounts. They usually always offer 10-15% off select items each month.

Layaway Plan 

One unique option that Mobile Home Parts Store offers is their layaway option. According to their site, all products are available for layaway except closeout items and a 10% down payment is required with either weekly or bi-weekly payments after until the items are paid in full. Pretty nice feature if you are thinking of starting a project but funds are tight.


MHPS has a restocking fee on returns received after 30 days of the invoice date.

Mobile Home Parts Store states that warranties for defective products are provided by the manufacturer.

The company’s damaged goods policy is strict:

Please inspect your package(s) before signing the release. Once you have signed the release, you have accepted the goods in their current condition. If the goods are damaged, you should refuse to sign the release. Any concealed damage must be reported to customer service within 10 days of the receipt date.

Should you need to return a product you must contact them for an RMA number. RMA stands for return merchandise authorization and nothing is accepted unless the RMA has been accepted.

Read our Complete Guide to Mobile Home Doors here. 


Complete Mobile Home Supply

mobile home parts

Complete Mobile Home Supply is located in Mississippi and started as a local retailer back in 1983. They decided to expand to an online market after they realized people were driving for hours to find a specific mobile home part that couldn’t be found at their local big home improvement chain. Complete carries a wide range of exterior and interior products including various skirting options and kitchen sinks and stove parts.

Complete also has a Q&A section on their site that allows you to ask a question about your mobile home. Their website is user-friendly as well and is broken down to give you a simple way to find what you are looking for.


Here’s the pertinent information straight from the website:

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Returns must be received within 30 days and there is a 20% restocking fee.

Complete Mobile Home uses the RMA forms like Mobile Home Parts Store. No returns will be accepted without that number.

All returns must be in new, unused condition but for some reason, they will not accept returns on any electrical items or special orders or products cut to size.

You can read more about their return, shipping, and restocking policies here. 

Mobile Home Advantage

mobile home parts-mobile home advantage

Mobile Home Advantage is another online retailer for mobile home parts. They offer items for both the interior and exterior plus a few items that may be harder to find elsewhere. Some items you may find on their site include, folding doors, medicine door replacements, and an alternative to a skylight, a sun tube which is pretty cool!

The site also encourages feedback and like for their customers to send photos of their completed projects so that they can share remodeling success stories with our mobile homeowners.


Mobile Home Advantage has a policies page here with information about their warranty, shipping, and return policies.

Shipping for this store appears to be pretty standard. Large items are shipped via freight.

The store seems to rely on the manufacturer’s warranty for each product instead of having a storewide warranty.

Price match + 15%

Mobile Home Advantage has a unique price matching program. They say if you can find the same product anywhere else cheaper they will match it plus credit you an additional 15%. You can read more about it here.

Vintage Trailer Supply

Vintage Trailer Supply

Vintage Trailer Supply caters to vintage travel trailers from the 1940’s-1970’s and have been in business for over 15 years. They boast of having the biggest selection of hard-to-find parts for vintage trailers in the nation.

If you are restoring a vintage trailer this is probably going to end up being your favorite place.

One of the most useful sections on this site is the know-how section. Which offers resources to vintage trailer owners and links to groups for fellow owners.


Vintage Trailer Supply has a 60-day return or replacement policy within 60 days of the shipment date as long as it’s in an unused condition.

They do not have a restocking fee at all assuming the product is in its original packaging and undamaged. You can learn more about their terms and conditions here.

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Where to find mobile home parts in your state

Mobile Home Parts Stores in Each State 

I’m a big fan of buying local when you can. The headaches of shipping fees are not an issue if you can visit a local store and that’s a big benefit. You can also see what you are buying before you buy it.

If you live in the south, you should have no problem finding a mobile home parts store. The rest of the country doesn’t seem to be as fortunate and may need to rely on the online retailers above.

We’ve done all the work for you to help find a local retailer by gathering this list of mobile home part retailers in each state. All you have to do is click the state see the results on Google Search for each state.

Click the state you live in to find a list of mobile home parts stores:

Use Google Search to Find Mobile Home Parts 

To get a more localized search result for mobile home parts stores in your town, just use the Google search page and type in mobile home parts and your town or your closest large city. For example, I would type in ‘mobile home parts stores in Beckley, WV.’

how to find mobile home parts stores - google search tutorial 2


As you can see, its easier than ever to find the right parts for your next mobile home repair or remodel.

Thankfully, newer manufactured homes are using more standard sizes of home features such as tubs and door but those of us that own older mobile homes are stuck. We either buy the mobile home size products or we retrofit a product to fit which can be expensive.

With this list of national mobile home parts stores and the state-by-state list of stores in your state, you should be able to find everything you need for your next project.

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