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Quick Guide to Buying a Mobile Home in Arizona

Every Friday our state guide brings you the resources and information you need when buying a mobile home. Last week, buying a mobile home in Virginia was the focus and this week it continues with a quick guide to buying a mobile home in Arizona. Our goal is to help provide the resources needed for potential mobile homeowners to make an informed purchase of their next home.

Mobile Home Living in Arizona Facts

According to an article on AZcentral, mobile home communities have been a significant part of Arizona’s housing options since the 1950’s. Mobile Home Village also offers some interesting statistics:

  • The average price of a pre-owned home:      $55393
  • Average model year of a pre-owned home:    1996
  • The average pre-owned home size in square feet:  1109
  • Average sites in a manufactured home community:    226
  • The average year a community was developed:   1987
  • Number of age-restricted communities:    346
  • Number of all-age communities:    297

Buying a mobile home in arizona

Resources You Need When Buying a Mobile Home in Arizona

Buying Information

Just like with any big purchase you always want to do your research before purchasing a mobile home. The Manufactured Housing Industry of Arizona’s site is a wealth of information to help you find a dealer, a community, and even includes floor plan options.

Visit their site to see their home buying guide or contact them directly to learn more:

Arizona MHI
4525 S Lakeshore Dr., #105
Tempe, AZ 85282
(480) 456-6530

Titling Your Mobile Home

Like most states, Arizona requires a mobile home to be titled through the Arizona Department of Transportation site, and if the home has two or more sections, each one must have their own title.

However, if you are placing your home on land that you own, you will need to file an Affidavit of Affixture in the county that you are living. For what is required and how to start the process, contact your local Assessor’s office.

If you are buying your mobile home from a dealer, they will typically handle all this paperwork for you. But if you are buying a used mobile home from a seller, you will need to file the paperwork yourself.

Issues After the Sale

Start With the Dealer

If you are buying a new mobile home, it includes a one year manufactured warranty. Any problems or defects that come from the factory or during installation can be taken care of by contacting your dealer. They typically have a staff that handles any problems that occur.

Keep in mind you will want to keep a record of any correspondence (typically contact them in writing via certified mail) so that you have a paper trail in case your issues aren’t handled properly.

Arizona Department of Housing

Complaints due to manufacturer or licensee defect, as well as cosmetic issues are handled by the Arizona Department of Housing Manufactured Housing Division. Please make all correspondence in writing. Refer to specific information about the nature of your complaints or complaint items. You can find the packet that includes directions on the site. Then mail a copy of the form to:


Mobile Homes of Arizona

We weren’t surprised when we started searching for available mobile homes to find that there are over 3,000 for sale on Zillow alone. With the state becoming one of the top destinations for retirees there are plenty of options if you are considering buying a mobile home in Arizona.

Quick guide to buying a mobile home in arizona

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Buying a mobile home in arizona-single wide and addition
Screened in porches are a necessity in the heat.
Buying a mobile home in arizona-park model
Tiny homes are popular all over the state.
Buying a mobile home in arizona-double wide
Awnings are a common feature in older mobile homes.

Have a question about buying a mobile home in Arizona? Comment below, and we will try and find the answer! Our state guide continues next week with a look at resources you can use when buying a mobile home in Indiana.

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living®.


  • Carol Mestas
    Posted October 25, 2021 at 6:47 pm

    Hello! I had a Real Estate Agent tell me I had to pay cash for a mobile home in Arizona that there is no financing available. Is this true? I used to live in CO where I had my mobile home financed through Green Tree and then Ditech. Is there no mobile home financing in Arizona?

    • Post Author
      Posted October 28, 2021 at 5:26 am

      A quick google search pulled up several lenders in Arizona that will finance manufactured homes. Maybe it depends on the year?

  • Joy Wyse
    Posted September 6, 2019 at 5:32 pm

    I will get a mortgage loan for a double wide manufactured home. The loan requires me to own the land that it sits on. I prefer that over paying rent and having the rent go up every year. The home needs to be newer than 1975. Any ideas of where I can get listings for these manufactured homes. My realtor is watching for me in the Phoenix area. Would really like to quit paying rent in apartments and own my home as I am a senior citizen.

    • Crystal Adkins
      Posted September 6, 2019 at 8:39 pm

      Hi Joy, and Craigslist are great
      resources in addition to Zillow and Be sure to look at homes for sale in parks – even with added transport costs you can find great deals.

      Best of luck!!

  • LaVonne Kindred
    Posted November 3, 2018 at 5:11 pm

    I am considering making a move to relocate to California. I want to look at mobile homes in “resident owned communities”, but they are difficult for me to find on the internet. Is there a resource for this? I have talked to several realtors, but many are unaware of this category, and my search is going very slowly.

    • Crystal Adkins
      Posted November 27, 2018 at 10:31 pm

      Hi LaVonne!

      You are doing exactly what I hope to do someday. I want a small single wide in a 55+ resident owned community. ROC USA will be a good source for you! Check out the whole site though – it’s a great resource.

      Best of luck!

      • Samantha Ortiz
        Posted August 17, 2022 at 3:26 am

        Hey there, my mom is wanting to buy a mobile home and put it behind the house she bought/is paying off. It has a lot lot of space in the backyard. Her idea is to put in the back yard(she has a very big back yard). But we’re curious to know if there even is a way to put the mobile home in the back. Is it possible? Could somebody somehow put it over the wall. Like where ever she buys it from would they be able to help? We just don’t know if that’s even possible do you know by chance…?

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