Affordable and Clever Storage Ideas for your Mobile Home

We are sharing some of our favorite clever storage ideas for your mobile home in this article. You can make the most of the space you have with a smart organization system and a bit of creativity.

Clever Storage Ideas for your Mobile Home Doesn’t have to be Ugly

Hidden Storage

There are storage boxes available in every shape and size imaginable but the problem is finding a place to put the storage boxes.  Where do you put the boxes after you fill them up? 

If you’re like this blogger, you create a cute outdoor seating arrangement from the plain plastic storage boxes you can buy at Dollar General for $7.50 a piece.

Clever Storage Ideas for your Mobile Home - plastic storage bin into outdoor seating

If you’re this homeowner, you cover the storage box with cute fabric and add wooden fence post caps as feet to make it a sight for sore eyes:

Clever Storage Ideas for your Mobile Home - turn plastic storage bin into something pretty

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This homeowner created a cute foot stool from the cheap plastic storage containers. Get the instructions here:

Clever Storage Ideas for your Mobile Home - plastic storage bin as foot stool

Under the Bed Storage

One of the best clever storage ideas for your mobile home is to use containers under your bed. You can buy sliding containers or make them yourself from old dresser drawers.  

Clever Storage Ideas for your Mobile Home - old drawer storage under the bed JPG

The clear containers can work as well as an old dresser drawer. All you do is attach the wheels and a handle. See how here.

Clever Storage Ideas for your Mobile Home - plastic storage bin under the bed JPG

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This rolling wire storage container is perfect to store odds and ends under your bed: 

Clever Storage Ideas for your Mobile Home - wire storage bin under the bed JPG

If your bed is too low you can buy risers to create additional storage space and make your bed easier to get in and out. These risers can add some serious storage space under your bed (click here for our affiliate link to Amazon):  

Storage Ideas to Open Up Your Mobile Home


Regardless of the room, adding shelves will help you keep things organized and make the most of the limited space you have. 

Storage Ideas to Open Up Your Mobile Home

Complete closet shelving systems, like the popular white wire type, are a great way to expand your storage space. You can use several configurations to create better storage in pantries and closets of all sizes.

Clever Storage Ideas for your Mobile Home - white wire closet organization systems

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Adding hooks under a wood shelf or to a wall has always been a popular and easy storage solution.  Keys have called a hook by the front door home for decades.

Get creative with these cute fork hooks we found on Pinterest: 

Clever Storage Ideas for your Mobile Home - cool hook storage ideas

Ikea’s bar and S-hook storage system has been a huge hit in the last few years. They’ve created a complete system that includes boxes, cups, and even wire shelves that hang from bars via S-hooks. 

Clever Storage Ideas for your Mobile Home bar and S-hook system

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Exterior Storage Ideas

Clever storage ideas for your mobile home can involve the exterior of your home, too. Storage sheds and the space under your mobile home are great ways to store some items.

Storage Sheds

The simplest idea is often the best one, and purchasing additional storage space by installing an exterior shed onto your property may be the best answer for you. Smaller pre-built metal buildings are more affordable than one might think.  Building a storage shed is a better option than monthly rental storage because it’s right outside your home, and you only have to pay for it once.

Clever storage ideas for your mobile home - storage sheds

Under the Home

We keep our holiday decorations and yard tools under our porch for easy access.  Skirting for mobile homes must have a door or hatch that allows for easy access and as long as the path isn’t obstructed you can use the extra space for storage. This storage idea is best for outdoor items and storage boxes that are airtight and waterproof.

These are just a few of our favorite clever storage ideas for your mobile home. Do you have an idea to help homeowners increase their storage? Please add it in the comments below!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  1. I’ve been working on my little trailer for a few years. As a senior and living on a limited budget yet, wanting to maximize my space I’ve done the following; I build an upholstered ottoman with lid and on casters for storage in my living room, took out all the wire shelving and installed twice the number of shelves in all my closets and above my washer and dryer, put in a new closet system in half of my large closet and built storage shelves in the other half, took out the dated “desk” in the built in and installed shelves and basket drawers, use clever pieces that can sit on the floor, like a painted picnic basket with a lid, for the dog stuff, added extra shelves to my existing kitchen cabinets, turned the side of one kitchen cabinet into a chalk board with a ledge for the chalk and put up a wall rack for my mops and brooms, etc. I have a set of shelves in my kitchen that open both to the kitchen and the living room, a glass side faces my living room… I guess, it was meant to be a very small dinning room area? I put all my cooking staples in large glass mason jars for a uniformed look to the living room and yet, easy access for cooking. Provides more room for products than all the sorted sized boxes and bags that look unsightly from my living room. I also, thought about replacing the glass but the jars were a quicker cheaper fix. I turned an old sturdy heavy dresser into a media center for my tv, amplifier, turntable (includes a pull out shelf) and assorted other goodies by removing the two large drawers and creating shelves, drilled a hole in the back for wires. I put casters on the drawers and used them for under the bed storage. I build in shelves over the toilets and used hooks for towels instead of a towel bar.

    Akin to storage, living in a small trailer (2br, 2bath) has taught me what I can live without and to be more frugal, it’s been an incredibly freeing experience such as learning to let go of hand-me-down furniture and guilt for not keeping it. I have a rule now — nothing is stored away, boxed up or saved for who-knows-when; it’s either usable, repurposed or I find a place for it, otherwise, it leaves. If I find a good deal on a new and better lamp, an old lamp has to leave… storage is proving to be more than just a box or a shelf!

    Plus, as projects, I do one a month, money permitting, and over the years it’s starting to add up. Thanks for letting me share.

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