31 Amazing Kitchen Makeover Ideas and Storage Solutions

Proper planning is the most important step in a kitchen makeover. Thinking about how your family uses the space is absolutely necessary for a successful kitchen makeover. The most successful room makeovers incorporate style with function and create a space for every need.

Whether you want a complete gut and rebuild or just a few minor modifications, planning your kitchen makeover can help you determine where your budget can make the biggest impact.

We’ve gathered more than 30 great kitchen makeover ideas and storage solutions that incorporate functionality and style into your home.

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Kitchen Makeover Ideas and Storage Solutions

Amazing Kitchen Makeover Ideas and Storage Solutions  

Light Colors Make a Room Seem Larger

A light kitchen can make a space feel larger.

White allows natural light to bounce around and a sunny room is a welcoming room. Using white or cream along with an accent color, such as a rich wood or light purple, can work wonders to create a welcoming focal point.

pet friendly kitchen design

How Do You Use the Space?

Understanding how your family uses the kitchen and dining room can help you create a space that is better for everyone.

This beautiful kitchen has storage and a dining space for the pets of the house. Remember to think about all the members of the family!

modern simple kitchen design

Bright Pops of Color

This small kitchen uses rich wood and bright yellow to give the off-white room a touch of glamour.

A pop of color can update any space!

Amazing Kitchen Makeover Ideas and Storage Solutions - modern kitchen design

Stated Simplicity

A kitchen doesn’t have to have lots of space to be functional as long as it is organized well.

This kitchen is compact but highly functional with the right design. The pop of red is perfect for a kitchen – red is known to increase appetite and is used extensively in restaurants.

modern kitchen design ideas

Small Space, Big Kitchen Makeover

This kitchen is perfect for a single wide or double wide!

Lots of great storage and a smart layout creates a modern, functional space. The stovetop and dining table combination is a great way to make a small space work double time for you.

33 Amazing Kitchen Makeover Ideas and Storage Solutions  

The Perfect Modern Kitchen Makeover 

This kitchen is the epitome of modern design.

Subway tile, white cabinets, and stainless steel is all the rage in the modern kitchen design and for good reason – it’s a smart combination of functionality.

mobile home kitchen design ideas

Really Red Kitchen Makeover

Painting your cabinets can completely change the entire look of your kitchen.

Painting your cabinets an unusual color, like bright red, creates a space that won’t easily be forgotten.

kitchen remodeling inspiration

Dark, Deep, and Delicious Kitchen Makeover

Combining darker colors with lighter hues creates a rich space.

This kitchen began with a basic design, cream cabinets with a dark countertop, but painting the smaller corner wall a deep charcoal grey gave it a whole new dimension.

Don’t be scared to try new things!

kitchen remodeling ideas

Green with Envy

Here’s another great kitchen that uses color perfectly.

Notice the cabinets are a bright green but the island remains a neutral white – this is a great way to separate the space. Open floor plans are popular and convenient but it’s hard to give each area its own look. Using an island adds function but also allows the space to be divided.

kitchen remodeling ideas 2

Sage Green Advice for your Kitchen Makeover

Creating a design board or mood board before you begin your kitchen makeover will help you match up different textures and colors.

This kitchen is a great example of pulling several different materials together to create a rich, visually appealing space. The beautiful tiled backsplash pulls the space together wonderfully and sets the stage for the entire room to shine.

Learn how to create a beautiful backsplash with paint.

Online Mood Board Tools: 



kitchen remodel inspiration

Bright White and Beautiful Kitchen Makeover 

White cabinets with black countertops sitting on a dark floor are one of the most popular looks in modern kitchen design.

It’s a functional, easy to clean design that can be updated with ease. Painting the surrounding walls a new color will instantly update the entire room!

manufactured home kitchen remodeling inspirations

Modern Materials used in Kitchen Makeover

Another deliciously dark kitchen!

This design uses dark hues and lots of texture to create a delightful space. Modern materials are mixed throughout and deep purple is used as an enticing backdrop.

manufactured home kitchen design inspiration

Perfectly Primitive Meets Marvelously Modern

This kitchen mixes 2 popular styles perfectly!

The backsplash is made with a simple bead-board painted in a deep orange paired with natural wood shelving to create a country – primitive decor. But the stainless steel appliances creates a modern dimension.

It’s the best of both worlds! kitchen design ideas for your remodel

Cozy Cubbies

This kitchen uses sections or ‘cubby holes’ to house sections of the kitchen, opening up much-needed floor space.

If your manufactured much-needed, you could build a small addition to house your stove, sink, or refrigerator. You would be able to add lots of space without spending lots of money!

kitchen design for smaller spaces

Playful Kitchen Makeover

This is a great kitchen makeover inspiration for anyone that loves color!

The cabinetry is a great example of using color to your advantage. Using black along the floor with one tall cabinet gives the eye something to focus on, making the space seem taller and larger. The white upper cabinets blend into the background, creating lots of storage without being too obvious.

great kitchen remodeling inspiration

No Mellow Yellow Here!

This kitchen makeover is loaded with warm, rich color.

Contemporary doesn’t have to mean cold and uninviting, with the right colors you can have a sleek and friendly space that functions well and is super easy to clean.

great kitchen remodel inspiration

Dark and Delightful Kitchen Makeover

Dark cabinetry is a popular choice for kitchen makeovers because they don’t show dirt and grime and can be used in any style.

This kitchen couples traditional wood with a tiled backsplash that shines. The white island is used to separate the kitchen from the dining area and allows each space to have its own style.

beautiful small kitchen inspiration


A small kitchen has endless possibilities!

Using lots of color can help a small space be more visually appealing, like this colorful checkerboard floor.

This small kitchen makeover has everything you need but isn’t using the standard triangle of function that we’ve all read about regarding smart kitchen design. You don’t need a triangle – you only need the space to function for you and your family, no one else.

beautiful kitchen designs

Great Galley, That’s a Nice a Kitchen!

Galley kitchens are perfect for single wide manufactured homes.

Lots of storage in a soft butter yellow color makes this a highly functional, beautiful space without taking up too much square footage.

beautiful kitchen design

Modern Material Mixes

This kitchen makeover features lots of modern day kitchen decor such as open shelving, stainless steel appliances, natural wood, light countertops, and colorful cabinetry.

Mixing several materials is a great way to add visual appeal to your kitchen.

beautiful kitchen design ideas

Traditional Meets Modern

Love the look of a traditional kitchen but enjoy modern design elements too? This is the kitchen makeover for you!

By simply installing a tile backsplash from counter to ceiling and new appliances you can instantly update a traditional kitchen.

beautiful blue kitchen design

What Goes Around

Metal cabinets are coming back in style because they have a tremendous lifespan and are super easy to clean.

Oftentimes you can find a used set at a great price on Craigslist or eBay.

amazing kitchen designs for small spaces

Super Stylish Small Space

With floor to ceiling cabinetry, you can fit lots of storage and function into a small space.

Using a high impact color on that floor to ceiling cabinet installation can act as an accent wall for your kitchen.

slide out kitchen storage

Still need kitchen remodeling inspiration? This Mobile Home Kitchen Renovation will Make you Jealous!

Smart Storage Solution #1: Slide-out Utensil Cabinet

Remember, you don’t have to completely gut the space for a smart kitchen makeover. Installing additional storage and finding smart solutions to minor issues can do wonders for your kitchen.

One of my family’s biggest complaints is our spoon drawer – it’s always a mess and finding what we need is a hassle. This slide-out utensil cabinet would be a perfect solution to our problem!

kitchen storage ideas

Smart Storage Solutions #2: Staggered Step Baking Center

Bakers need a lot of stuff to make their delicious treats. These staggered step storage drawers are a great way to drastically increase functionality in a cabinet or pantry and put everything you need to bake that cake in one area.

kitchen design with corner sink

Smart Storage Solutions #3: Corner Sink

A corner sink can add lots of space and functionality to your kitchen.

Corners are usually reserved for small appliances but by installing the sink you can increase both your cabinet space and your counter space.

kitchen design ideas

Smart Storage Solutions #4: Utensil Drawer, Take 2

Here’s another take on utensil storage, this one using a single drawer. What a great way to ake that messy spoon drawer disappear!

kitchen cabinet design for small spaces

Smart Storage Solutions #5: Layered Slide-outs

This is a great solution to those messy bottom cabinets that most of us have. With these layered slide-out drawers, you can organize like a pro – there’s a place for everything!

great storage cabinet ideas for your kitchen

Smart Storage Solutions #6: Ultimate Organization

This storage solution utilizes every inch of space in a typical double door cabinet. By using a setup like this you could effectively reduce the number of cabinets you need by a lot.

There’s 4 cabinets worth of dishes in one spot!

great kitchen cabinet ideas for your mobile home kitchen

Smart Storage Solutions #6: The Incredible Island 

This small serving cart on wheels can be stashed away when not in use. You can use this little cart for more than just a serving tray too – the possibilities and sizes are endless.

cabinet ideas for mobile home kitchens

Smart Storage Solutions #6: The Modern Cabinet 

Installing pull-out drawers in your cabinets is a very popular trend, as it should be. You increase your storage space significantly and at an affordable price.

You can buy wire inserts similar to the one in the photo for less than $1000 it’s a great way to store your pots and pans.

Remember, if it can be done in a site-built home, it can be done in a manufactured home.

There’s very little difference, if any at all, in the measurements and materials between a factory-built home and a site-built home.  You can easily use standard materials like sinks, cabinets, countertops, and appliances from Lowe’s or Home Depot in your manufactured home with little modification needed.

As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living! 

All images were found on Design T’s Facebook Page.

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  1. Hi Jess!

    You should have no trouble replacing your sink with any of the stock at Lowe’s or Home Depot, just make sure you get the right size or larger. Your mobile home sink likely uses clips under it but you could place a regular ole sink with a lip around it as long as you get the right size. Replacing the faucet is the harder job between the two but if you buy the right fittings you should be fine. Just take a photo of the lines under your sink and Lowe’s should be able to help you.

    Let me know how it goes!

  2. Hi my name is Jess and I’ve been looking over your website and I love everything I see on here it’s just so amazing how you can make a mobile home feel like you’re living in a CBS home so my question is my husband and I purchased a 2011 Jacobson three bedroom two bath mobile home two years ago the cabinets are nice the kitchen is beautiful the one thing I do not like is the kitchen sink it’s a standard two-sided sink and it’s small very small I really would like toReplace it with a farm sink if there’s anyway that you could help me or guide me on where to find one for the mobile home if there’s a certain one I have to get and if there’s anywhere I can go with videos of her toilet so I could save money and install it myself with me and my husband I would greatly appreciate your help and info and look forward to hearing from you and reading up on more remodeling tips thank you Jess

  3. Just one thing, corner sinks are the worst idea if you wash the dishes by hand. I have one and my back hurts every time. You have to work in a really bad position and don’t have space for your feet.
    The rest it’s great.

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  8. These are some awesome looking kitchens. I like the ones that have the painted cabinets. For some reason, I really like the red cabinets. This is an amazing site mobile home site.

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