Beautiful RV Makeover (12)

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    1. I’m not the owner but I bet they use L-brackets or some kind of strap system. I have an outdoor chair and table set that I haul in the Airstream but I never have to secure them as they’ve never moved much in transit (but I do make sure they aren’t near anything breakable).

      Thanks so much for reading MHL!

  1. We bought a sportsmen camper that had camo themed
    Decor, redid with a northern theme, it turned out so nice!
    Had cushions professionally redone, was worth every penny!
    Thank you for more ideas!

  2. Awesome! I love it! What kind of motor home is this? I like the little details it has even before the makeover, stuff that would come in handy when living in one.

  3. that’s amazing! i’ve been googling rv’s for months looking for something that i thought was attractive and felt i could really live in and haven’t seen anything. but this! and the harborlizard makeover really gives me hope. it would be really great to know what the rv models are though. thanks for the inspiring images!