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  1. First, love your site. I sold manufactured homes for 10 years so I know the good and bad about the business. I recently moved into one myself and doing a lot of repairs myself. My problem is I bought a new dryer but it doesn’t dry well. The home is 37 years old and I feel it’s something with the wiring. Could I be right and if so what is the remedy?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Marlene,

      You could very well be right though I believe by ’78 or ’79 the old aluminum wiring was no longer used. Electricity is the one topic you won’t find much about on here, unfortunately. I’m married to a plumber, and electricity scares me! I don’t know enough about it to feel good about providing advice. If you can, have an electrician come out and look at your breaker and breaker box, you may just need a high amp or the breaker isn’t working properly?

      I know my dryer stops heating but the drum still turns and I have to reset my breaker but after I do it everything works fine. Our entire home was rewired just a few years ago so it may just be something similar for you.

      Best of luck, sorry I can’t be any help!

  2. Hi Crystal! We modeled our laundry room remodel after the image in your list with the turquoise walls and the chandelier after seeing it on the web several years ago. It’s just too bad that I am such a slacker that I haven’t posted that project on our site yet. Grrrr. Thanks for the reminder that I have a blog and about 15 projects I haven’t posted. Procrastination is my strong suit. Your blog is looking terrific!

    I really love the image here that has the skirt on a spring rod covering the counter under the cabinets but above the washer counter. Now I am going to do that this week!

    1. Hi Beth! Your home is so beautiful! I’d love to see the laundry room makeover!

      I’ve been slacking too so don’t feel bad. if I had about 3 more hours in the day I could probably get caught up…lol…Thanks so much for commenting – I always love to hear from one of my favorite mobile home remodelers!!

  3. These laundry rooms are gorgeous!

    A tip: the wire shelving that you can purchase at Home Depot or Lowe’s can be pretty spendy.

    Dave has about ten 24-foot lengths that sat in his rental garage for a “few” years.

    He pulled out two, cut them to fit in the laundry room, washed them with TSP, and spray-painted them with white appliance paint. We did have to purchase the supports and accessories but the shelves themselves were almost free.

    We did the same in the master bedroom closets (spray-painted them in Nutmeg) and in my office (spray-painted them in hammered dark bronze).

    My point here is if you HAVE some old wire shelving or SEE some wire shelving at a yard sale, estate sale, auction, etc., GET IT!