Cool tiny homes like the ones we are sharing today are why the tiny house movement is taking off. As more people are simplifying their lives and embracing a less is more lifestyle, its no surprise that living in a smaller home would be part of that.

Tiny homes typically range from 100-400 square feet and come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. The ones we are sharing today all have an unusual feature that makes them stand out.

Elsa: The Perfect Tiny Home for the Outdoor Lover

Our first find, Elsa by Olive Nest, is the perfect home for the outdoor lover. At 323 square feet, it is built with a tiny porch and fully-functional greenhouse, which adds to the eco-friendly vibe from tiny home living. It has even been featured on an episode of Tiny House, Big Living

Elsa Interior
The theme of the interior is Scandinavian inspired.
Elsa Living Room
Pull out couch adds sleeping space.
Elsa Loft Bedroom
The loft bedroom is good size.
Elsa Greenhouse
If self-sutstaining is what you are looking for, the greenhouse is a great addition.
Cool Tiny Homes Elsa Exterior
So charming!

Solar Powered Tiny Home

Our next cool tiny home, the Innisfree Anarres by Teacup Tiny Homes, offers an alternative power source by adding solar panels to the home for an off-grid lifestyle. There’s also the typical RV power hookup plus a wood-burning stove installed. At 348 square feet, it has two separate sleeping spaces and a full kitchen.

Solar Powered Interior
Hidden storage in the stairs.
Solar Powered Nook
Cozy sitting area.
Solar Powered Heat Source
Wood heat for winter.
Solar Powered Second Bedroom
The second loft bedroom is accessible by ladder.
Solar Powered Floor Plan
The floor plan offers a better view of the space.
Cool Tiny Homes Solar Home Exterior
Cool tiny homes all offer unusual features.

Park Model Perfect for Entertaining

We have been sharing cool tiny homes like Park Models for years on Mobile Home Living. What makes this Athens 520 by Champion Homes so cool has to be the wrap around porch that includes a built-in fireplace! Barely under 400 square feet, the Athens also features enough bedroom space for a king-sized bed.

Park Model Living Area
Farmhouse look is even popular in tiny homes.
Park Model Kitchen
Full size kitchen.
Park Model Appliances
Stainless steel appliances complete the kitchen.
Park Model Bedroom
Barn doors hide the closet.
Park Model Bath
Luxury shower in the bath.
Park Model Outdoor Area
The star of the show!
Cool Tiny Homes Park Model Exterior
Recessed lighting on the porch is a nice touch.

Tiny homes definitely aren’t for everyone. But they are definitely becoming more mainstream as people, especially the younger generation, turn their focus more towards experiences rather than material items. Tiny homes are also finding their way into mobile home communities such as the Palm Canyon Mobile Club that offers tons of tiny living options. Love them or hate them, tiny homes seem to be here to stay!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living.