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Fleetwood Double Wide Becomes Couple’s First Home

This week we are sharing another remodel from our Mobile Home Living Facebook group. Taylor and her husband are sharing their Fleetwood double wide remodel and the journey to making it their first home.

A Home Full of Hidden Potential

Taylor and her husband live in Ohio and bought their Fleetwood double wide a couple of years ago with plans to make it their first home. Fortunately, they were able to see past the worn carpet and dingy walls and see the potential hidden within the home.

Fleetwood Double Wide Living Room Before
The double wide was desperate for some TLC.
Ohio Double Wide Entryway Before
Decorative wall border is a common feature in mobile homes.

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Ohio Double Wide Entry Into Kitchen Before
Not a big fan of that frosted glass.
Fleetwood Double Wide Looking Into Kitchen Before
The linoleum needs an update for sure.
Ohio Double Wide Laundry Room
At least it has a laundry room.
Ohio Double Wide Nursery Before
That carpet is so worn.
Ohio Double Wide To Master Bath Before
The wallpaper board follows into the bedroom.

Fleetwood Double Wide Becomes Cozy Home

Taylor and her husband started with her favorite room of the home, the living room. They added ceiling and floor trim as well as took down the wallpaper border and gave the room a fresh coat of paint and then added some vinyl flooring that flows into the kitchen and laundry room.

Ohio Double Wide Living Room After
A rug is great to pull a room together.
Ohio Double Wide Entry Way After
That wallpaper is long gone!
Ohio Double Wide Entry Into Kitchen After
Great use of a small spot.
Ohio Double Wide Looking Into Kitchen After
Love that flooring.
Fleetwood Double Wide Laundry Room After
Paint will do wonders for any room.

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The makeover continued with fresh carpet in the bedrooms as well as the addition of trim in each room. We especially love the trim around the doors which changes the look of them without having to buy new ones.

Ohio Double Wide Master Bedroom After
The wall color adds a nice pop of color to the room.
Ohio Double Wide Entry To Master Bath After
The trim dresses up the doorway.

Final Thoughts From Taylor

Taylor tells us they spent around $10,000 on their remodeling project. But it was well worth the money. However, just like with any remodeling project there were some challenges, the biggest being the struggle to replace things that are made specifically for mobile homes. Also, Taylor says to be sure that the mobile home is well insulated with good windows and a well cared for roof.

It’s hard to believe this is the same home that Taylor and her husband started out with. Next up, Taylor says will be new kitchen cabinets and updates to the bathrooms. We are sure they will turn out as great as the rest of their projects!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living.

Kim Alley
Kim Alley has been a part of Mobile Home Living since 2017 and has written over 300 articles for the site.



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