10 Awesome Vintage Travel Trailer Campgrounds

Why stay in a boring motel when you can stay in a vintage travel trailer surrounded by beauty?

The recent surge in popularity of vintage campers, trailers, and mobile homes has paved the path for this new industry.

These 10 vintage travel trailer campgrounds are perfect for anyone that appreciates vintage trailers.

10 Great Vintage Travel Trailer Campgrounds

1. The Shady Dell

A sleek selection of nine vintage trailers makes The Shady Dell a favorite destination for vintage travel trailer and mobile home fans. Their collection embodies a great representation of the Golden Era of mobile home design with model years ranging from 1947 to 1959.

Their website describes their collection of trailers:

Our sleek collection of vintage travel trailers are all perfectly restored to combine mid-century Americana kitsch with the comforts of home in a way that only the 1950s were capable of.

The Shady Dell collection consists of the following models:

  • 1957 El Rey
  • 1949 Airstream
  • 1950 Spartanette
  • 1951 Mansion
  • 1950 Manor
  • 1951 Royal Mansion
  • 1957 Airfloat
  • 1947 Tiki Bus
  • 1947 Chris Craft Yacht
  • 1959 Boles Aero
Shady Dell Campground - Vintage Travel Trailer Rentals - 1957 Aero
Shady Dell Campground - Vintage Travel Trailer Rentals

2. The Vintages Trailer Resort

Sixteen vintage trailers grouped together within the 14-acre Willamette Wine Country RV Park provides a true step into a trailer park of the good ole’ days. Though trailers range in model years from 1947 to 2015, every trailer has a vintage vibe.

The Willamette Wine Country is about 35 miles southwest of Portland and is best known for their pinot noir, a favorite throughout the country. The vineyards create a relaxing setting for the vintage trailer park.

Their website describes some of the luxuries:

Each trailer offers a unique lodging experience tailored to compliment your wine tasting, dining and exploration. A short list of amenities includes gourmet pour-over coffee from Caravan Coffee, luxurious terrycloth robes, comfortable mattresses and fine hotel-quality linens.

The Vintages Trailer Resort collection: 

  • 1947 Spartan Manor
  • 1954 Anderson 315-TB
  • 1958 Oasis
  • 1948 Westwood Coronado
  • 1956 Santa Fe
  • 1959 Airstream Globester
  • 1949 Kit Chateau
  • 1957 Airstream Sovereign
  • 1965 Avion
  • 1951 M-System Special Deluxe
  • 2014 Airstream Bambi – Buttercup
  • 2014 Airstream Bambi – Atomic
  • 1958 Ideal
  • 2015 Flyte Camp Neutron – Couples Edition
  • 2015 Flyte Camp Neutron – Family Edition
  • 2014 Airstream Bambi – Groovy
The Vintages - travel trailer rental
The Vintages - travel trailer rental 3

3. Starlite Classic Campground

The Starlite Classic Campground’s numerous lodging and entertainment choices make it a great family-friendly destination. They offer tent and RV sites with electricity, cabin rentals, and a few vintage RVs. Their collection of vintage recreational vehicles vary from a 1950 Spartan Royal Mansion to a 1973 Winnebago. Read our previous article about the Starlite Classic campground here. 

The campground is located in a nature lover’s paradise close to whitewater rafting, fishing, and ATV riding. Their website describes them:

Experience life in the “past” lane when you stay in one of the classic campers at The Starlite Classic Campground, located near the gorgeous Royal Gorge in Colorado.

The Starlite Classic Campground offers the following vintage models:

  • 1962 Shasta Airflyte SC
  • 1963 Shasta Airflyte
  • 1962 Tepee
  • 1954 Aljoa Sportsman
  • 1973 KenCraft
  • 1973 Winnebago
  • 1950 Spartan Royal Mansion
  • 1957 New Moon
  • 1964 Hi-Lo Traveler
Starlite Campground - 1954 New Moon Rental

Starlight Classic Campground - The Baily Spartan

4. The Sou’Wester

  • Seaview, Washington
  • http://www.souwesterlodge.com

The Sou’Wester has an extensive lodging list. Accommodations include a 4-suite lodge, cabins, vintage travel trailers, and RV sites.

This campground has a great collection of vintage trailers! Each trailer has a perfect balance of restored and original decor with imperfections that are deliberate and delightful. Art is celebrated here and the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere compliments the setting perfectly.

Here are a few of the campground’s trailers, you can see all of The Sou’wester’s vintage trailer and mobile home here.

  • 1958 Boles Aero
  • 1954 Spartan Manor
  • 1950 Spartan
  • 1953 Zelmar Cruiser
  • 1955 Spartan Mansion
SouWestern Lodge vintage travel trailer
The SouWester Vintage Travel trailer Rentals and Campgrounds

5. Kate’s Lazy Desert

Kate’s was one of the first vintage Airstream campgrounds in the country. Kate Pierson, lead singer for the B-52’s, founded Kate’s Lazy Meadow in New York originally but the floods kept threatening so she moved the concept to the California desert. It’s been thriving ever since. You can read our previous article about Kate’s Lazy desert here.

Kate’s offers Airstreams with wild names and even wilder decor. Themes such as Tinkerbell, Hairstream, and Tiki are all indicative of their styles. Their website concludes:

Our 6 vintage airstreams are restored to wacky perfection by artists Maberry-Walker, (whose house is featured in the B-52’s “Love Shack” video) and are located in the High Desert of California 6 miles from Joshua Tree. Experience incredible views, starry nights, and the magical experience of the desert!

You can see all 6 Airstreams here.

Lazy Meadow Airstream Rentals Planet Air
Lazy Meadow Airstream Rental

6. Enchanted Trails RV Park

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • http://www.enchantedtrails.com

The Enchanted Trails RV Park started out as a trading post on the historic Route 66 in the 1940’s. The campground offers many amenities such as 115 pull-thru sites, pool, storage, and free wi-fi. But it hasn’t forgotten its roots – they have six great vintage trailers you can rent as well.

You can learn more about the Enchanted Trails RV Park here. 

7. Shooting Star RV Resort

Under new management, the Shooting Star RV Resort originally started out as the Shooting Star Drive-in. With this new move, the owners have expanded the park to include RV and camper site rentals. They still show movies though!

A large screen, complete with 1960’s era cars that you can sit in, provides a true drive-in theater experience.

Their mission:

 Our mission here at the Shooting Star RV Resort is to provide our Guests with a fun, unique and luxuriously comfortable vacation experience in one of the most scenic places in the world.

You can see all of the Shooting Star Airstreams here.

Shooting Star Campground
Shooting Star Campground and Airstream Rental Drive In


8. Pinecrest Retreat

  • Julian, California
  • https://pinecrestretreat.squarespace.com

The Pinecrest Retreat has created a wonderful vintage trailer park in a picturesque setting perfectly. They have combined a nature-friendly, rustic destination with five great vintage mobile homes.

Their fleet contains a wide range of vintage mobile homes, from an Airstream to a Star Trailer Coach. They offer annual memberships for your own RV too.

Their website describes:

In keeping with our belief that vacations should be a balance of “adventure and do-nothingness” we offer a unique venue for vintage trailers, camping, occasional entertainment, opportunity for learning/doing/making, and access to the majesty of the Cuyamaca Mountains.

Their fleet includes:

  • 1971 Airstream International
  • 1951 Spartan “Royal Manor”
  • 1959 Safeway
  • Star “Mid-States” Trailer Coach (circa 1950)
  • 1973 Automate
Pinecrest Vintage Mobile home Rentals
Pinecrest Retreat - Vintage Trailer Rental


9. El Cosmico

  • Marfa, Texas
  • http://elcosmico.com/stay

We introduced you to the El Cosmico a couple of years ago and it’s continuing to gain a large following. The El Cosmico’s vintage fleet has been carefully restored, with careful attention given to color and a decor done in timeless elegance.

The website has plenty of great images and descriptions:

El Cosmico is an 21 acre nomadic hotel and campground in Marfa, Texas. In keeping with the belief that life should be a balance of adventure and do-nothingness we offer shelter, occasional entertainment, opportunity for learning/doing/making, and access to the majesty of the high plains desert.

See all 8 of El Cosmico’s vintage travel trailer rentals here. 

El Cosmico Vintage Trailer Rentel
El Cosmico Vintage Trailer Rentals

10. Luna Mystica

Becky from Global Grasshopper suggests Luna Mystica. Located in one of the most mysterious locations on the planet, Luna Mystica is a hotel consisting of 20 vintage trailers, with beautiful mountain views and a music venue nearby. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a brewery that produces award winning craft beer right next to the hotel. The trailers are very unique, each with its own name and theme, such as Esmeralda 1951 Spartanette, or Frida the 1958 Twilight.


Of course, there are many other great places that offer vintage travel trailer rentals throughout the country in vintage travel trailer campgrounds.

The popularity of vintage trailers and mobile homes has given us a great selection of weekend getaway destinations regardless of where you are or what your favorite model is. Take a weekend to relax in your own pure vintage trailer heaven!

Thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  1. La Siesta Campground in Arivaca, AZ is a wonderful place also! . The owner, Steve Rendon offers a unique experience. He has several Vintage trailers he rents out along with boon docking & Electric/water sites. I would highly recommend it!

    16005 W Hardscrabble Rd
    Arivaca, Arizona
    (520) 398-3132

  2. The SouWester is a Dump! I’ve stayed at The Vintages and The Shady Dell but the Sou’wester is about the scariest dirtiest mess I have ever come across

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