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Country Primitive Decor in a Mobile Home

We were so excited to receive this submission from a homeowner in WV! Crystal, the creator of MHL is from WV and we all love primitive decor in a mobile home!

If you love primitive decor in a mobile home, you are in for a treat. We have added tons of pictures with this feature because Shannon has an eye for pulling things together and we couldn’t decide which ones to share. Enjoy!

Making a Vision a Reality

Like most couple’s who decide on a mobile home, Shannon and her husband just couldn’t see making a payment for the next 30 years to have a place to call their own. So, they decided to invest in a mobile home and make it their own. All it took was a little vision and some hard work. The pictures tell the story!

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Primitive decor in a mobile home - living roomnPin
Love the entertainment center.
Primitive decor in a mobile home - lantern collectionPin
Very cool lanterns!
Primitive decor in a mobile home -kitchen decorPin
The ladder shelf adds a nice touch.

Frugal DIY Projects

Shannon tells us that they changed all the flooring to luxury vinyl planks and painted all the doors, trim, and windows.  They also added wood countertops. They were able to get a great deal on the flooring, less than $300 and the countertops cost around $150 for all the supplies. Those projects have been the biggest so far, although more are planned for the future.

Primitive decor in a mobile home - wood counterPin
The wood countertops are awesome!
Primitive decor in a mobile homePin
The range hood even goes with the decor theme.
Primitive decor in a mobile home - pantryPin
So many gorgeous primitive decor finds.
Primitive decor in a mobile home -bathroom 1Pin
So much detail has gone into planning this home.


Primitive decor in a mobile home r-bathroom 2Pin
This country style bathroom is so cute!

Remembering the Good ole‘ Days with Pretty Primitive Decor in a Mobile Home

Shannon’s dining room table is an excellent example of a DIY project that a homeowner can do. She and her son built it with leftover wood from the porch they added to the home. Tools they used? Chainsaw, tape measure, screws and a drill! It’s the most prized possession in the home because of the sentimental value of memories of making it with her son.

Primitive decor in a mobile home -dining room tablePin
This table provided dining space and was a great diy project.

Now we know that primitive decor may not be for everyone. But Shannon’s advice is perfect when considering a mobile home. She says, “find what makes you smile when you walk through the door. Just because your walls may be different than some homes, don’t let that stop you from doing what you want”. So, whether it be primitive decor, a beach-loving theme, or just a more minimalistic look for your mobile home, the trick is to make it your own.

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.


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