As you may already know, my ultimate daydream is pulling out of the drive way with a little canned ham behind me and hitting the open road. I want to tour America and see her in all her glory.

I want to stay in campgrounds that have vintage campers and mobile homes you can rent nightly or weekly. The Dos Palmas was the first I found where you could rent a gorgeous vintage Spartan.

The newest one on my list is The starlight classic campground.  It’s a vintage mobile home and camper hotel to choose from, it has 9 so far with more being added. They are all awesome!

Wanna stay in a New Moon for a few nights? Relive the movie “The Long, Long Trailer” and practice your best Lucille Ball impression? Well, I found just the place for you!

starlight classic campgroundCover of "The Long, Long Trailer"


A Look at the Starlite Classic Campground

At the Starlite Classic Campground near Royal Gorge in Colorado, you can rent a 1957 New Moon they lovingly call Tacy. Anyone know why they call it Tacy? Yep, that was Lucille Ball’s characters name in The Long, Long Trailer!

Here are a few photos of the gorgeous rental:


The New Moon is not the only awesome rental they have. The photo below shows all the current rentals available:

Of course, the New Moon and the Spartan are my favorites. Here’s a few photos of Bailey, the 1950 Spartan Royal Mansion:



Your gonna want to go to their website and read all about the rentals they have. They even give you the history of how they got the home and where they got it from. They also have a 1956 Pacemaker 2-story that they are re-furbishing and will be available soon.

What a great place to spend a few days. A great getaway and a step back in time. I salute anyone that sees the importance of restoring and maintaining our historical  mobile homes and I can’t wait to meet the owners of the starlight classic campground and to just be able to say “I slept in a 57 New Moon!”

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Source: All information and photos belong to The Starlite Classic Campground.