Vintage Mobile Home Ads

Kropf Mobile Home Ad

It’s Sunday and that means more vintage mobile home ads! As a weekly feature I share some of my favorite ads from the 1930’s and up. It’s great fun to see all the different styles and features that have came (and gone) from mobile homes through the decades. Here’s this weeks picks:

I am working on getting a tab up about vintage campers and RV’s (remodels, information, how-to’s, etc). I have plenty of old ads and I personally know quite a bit about using and towing, so I feel confident talking about them. Oh, what I would do to have the old Shasta my grandmother had at one time. I used it as a playhouse as a little girl and I would love to have one for my daughter to play in now and to use for camping trips. The smaller campers and AirStreams have taken the country by storm and hopefully that is a good sign that their acceptance will lead to mobile homes being accepted as much, too. One can hope anyway!

Also working on a new featured home and it should be up in the next week. Your gonna love it! We have also partnered with Vintage Trailer Supply, Inc. to offer you the best materials and supplies for your older mobile home, camper and RV. Their prices are great and they carry the rarer, hard to find things that you need when restoring. Check them out:

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