3 Easy Farmhouse Decor Inspirations For Your Mobile Home

Farmhouse decor is still one of the most popular design choices around. And, there are so many easy ways to incorporate that Farmhouse style into your own mobile home. Today we are exploring just what farmhouse decor is and how to get that look in your own home without breaking the bank!

Today’s Modern Farmhouse decor style is defined by the perfect blend of the traditional country look with the more minimal contemporary design. Using neutral colors, perhaps adding some shiplap or reclaimed wood, along with some personal style choices, and you will be Farmhouse ready in no time.

Start With a Neutral Backdrop

One of the biggest features of Farmhouse decor is the use of neutral colors as the backdrop for your style. These colors make rooms appear brighter, larger, and more inviting. Try shades of beige, grey, or white. If you need accent colors, opt for light blues, yellows, and greens.

A warm grey makes a nice backdrop.
farmhouse decor beige walls
Painted shiplap make this a cozy space.
White walls and exposed beams compliment this farmhouse look.

Whitewash Something

Whitewashing is a super-easy way to add a Farmhouse look and it’s even a project a DIYer can tackle. For example, Ashley recently shared with us How To Create A White-Washed Brick Farmhouse Style Backsplash and we love the finished look! So whether you want to whitewash the fireplace, the floors, a backsplash, or even some furniture, you can easily add to the decor of your home.

farmhouse decor whitewashed backsplash
A whitewashed fireplace completely changes the look of a room.
Look at those floors.

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What Was Old is New Again

Upcycling older pieces of furniture is another easy way to add new pieces of decor to your home without breaking the bank. The old saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” couldn’t be more true when it comes to repurposing furniture! Don’t forget, some of the best pieces can come from Facebook Marketplace, your local Flea Market, or even on the street waiting to be picked up!

So, before you throw that old piece of furniture out, you might decide a fresh coat of paint can bring it back to life and give it some Farmhouse charm.

This old dresser makes for the perfect vanity.

One of our readers, Taylor, who shared with us her breathtaking Farmhouse Stunner, told us that one of her favorite pieces in her remodeled mobile home was an ugly brass chandelier that one of her patients was throwing out (Taylor is a full-time Hospice nurse as well as A+ decorator). She and her husband spray-painted it black and it now hangs in the master bedroom.

This old desk made a cute coffee station.

Another way to add a touch of farmhouse decor to your mobile home is to add some shiplap. Whether you want to do an entire room, or just add an accent wall, shiplap is an easy project to give your space just the look you are trying to achieve.

Did you know that Mobile Home Living has the largest collection of decor ideas for mobile homes online? So, whether you are looking for more Farmhouse ideas or just looking to be inspired, visit our decor section for ideas.

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