You’re gonna love this farmhouse-inspired single wide manufactured home makeover!

Amy K. and her family have live in this 1995  single wide for four years. They were supposed to move into the Florida manufactured home for just a bit while their site-built home in South Carolina was on the market. As soon as the home sold they planned to buy another site-built home in their new state.

After living in the home for a just short time, the previous owners offered the family a deal they couldn’t refuse: the home, an acre of fenced land, and a new water well, all for the same price that some pay for a new vehicle.

Of course, they couldn’t pass the deal up! The beauty of manufactured homes is their affordability. You can buy a manufactured home at half the price per square foot as a site-built home with comparable construction. Building a home in a factory and on an assembly line cuts costs significantly.

Farmhouse Inspired Manufactured Home Makeover (living room after)
The living room is simple but gorgeous.

It was a smart decision for them to buy the home. They will be completely debt free in just a few years!

Farmhouse Inspired Manufactured Home Makeover (living room after 2)
This single wide is not lacking in space!
Farmhouse Inspired Manufactured Home Makeover (living room after 3)
The single wide is 16′ wide and has plenty of space!
Farmhouse Inspired Manufactured Home Makeover  (living room after 4)
The walls are painted a light sage green that works well for a farmhouse inspired manufactured home makeover.

The single wide manufactured home was clean but outdated. Cosmetic things like the blue carpet, vinyl-coated walls with those infamous strips, outdated blue counter tops, and thin linoleum needed to be updated so the family rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

One of the farmhouse trends we’ve seen over the years is kitchen cabinets painted black or dark grey. It can be scary to paint your kitchen cabinets a dark color but if you have black appliances it will look great!

Farmhouse Inspired Manufactured Home Makeover (painted kitchen cabinets black after)
Painting the kitchen cabinets black is a huge undertaking but looks great!
Farmhouse Inspired Manufactured Home Makeover - chalkboard walls kitchen after
A dark chalk wall gives the farmhouse-inspired manufactured home makeover a nice modern touch.

Dining Room Gets Perfect Farmhouse Inspired Manufactured Home Makeover

Shiplap walls are another huge farmhouse decorating trend. Amy and her husband painted their shiplap white. Dark accents such as the black farmhouse clock and EAT wall decor stands at attention. A simple hanging chandelier swings above a round farmhouse dining table.

manufactured home makeover (dining room)

Thanks to their hard work, determination, and creativity they have accomplished most of their farmhouse inspired manufactured home makeover with a very limited budget.

Farmhouse Inspired Manufactured Home Makeover  (dining room)
A perfect farmhouse dining room!

Farmhouse Inspired Manufactured Home Makeover Homeowner’s Interview

Amy shared a few details about her farmhouse inspired manufactured home makeover with us. We asked her what the hardest part of the makeover was and she replied, “The hardest part of this ongoing renovation was definitely having no money!”

I think most of us can relate to that!

Farmhouse Inspired Manufactured Home Makeover  (master bedroom after)
The bedroom is another simple but cozy space.

Amy used joint compound and tape to create a faux farmhouse inspired wall covering over the VOG wallboards in her master bedroom. Learn more about updating VOG walls here. 

manufactured home makeover (master bedroom after)

Farmhouse Inspired master bedroom

DIY Projects Save Money and Teach a Lesson

Amy proclaimed that she and her husband were not handy when they started this farmhouse-inspired manufactured home makeover. Her exact words, “I mean NOT handy! We have had to learn every step of the way, borrowing tools and people along the journey. Thank Goodness for Youtube!  I will say though, I can lay a floor like no one’s business now and my husband can remove a tub!”

There’s no better way to learn how to do something than to just do it!

manufactured home makeover (bedroom 2 after)
The second bedroom is cozy and comfortable!

Farmhouse Inspired Manufactured Home Makeover (bedroom 2 after)

“The things we have learned throughout this process (aside from learning to be handy) is to get creative. Think about what you want and if you can’t afford it, either save or look for alternatives that fit within your budget.

“For example, I wanted butcher block countertops but we settled on making our own wood countertops for $100.  The brick wall in our bedroom was an alternative to the real brick wall I wanted, it cost $18 and was made with joint compound.”

farmhouse manufactured home makeover (bathroom after)
The bathroom is turning into a great farmhouse-inspired space.

Our mobile home bathroom guide can help if you are thinking about remodeling your manufactured home bathroom soon.

manufactured home makeover (bathroom after)

“In fact, most of our walls were textured with a thin coat of joint compound and a textured roller. It’s a very cheap way to get rid of those strips.  I love older farmhouses (really love them!), so to give our kitchen a little flare we tore apart wood pallets and used them on our walls. I love the way my kitchen feels now!”  See 80 affordable DIY pallet projects here.

Here’s one of the shiplap walls in the middle of the process:

manufactured home makeover adding natural wood to wall

Most of their projects are ongoing and no one room is completely finished yet but that’s the great thing about owning your own home. It’s a constant process that never ends. For now, Amy and her family are living comfortably in their affordable and beautiful home.

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Thank you for sharing your manufactured home makeover, with us Amy! And thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!