manufactured home makeover (dining room)

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    1. Hi Tally!

      I think it may be butcher block or laminate but it’s kinda hard to tell in the photos. Hopefully the owner will check out the comments and answer you! Thanks so much!

  1. What a warm and inviting home. I especially like the faux brick wall. I never thought to use joint compound for something like that. What a truly fantastic remodel Amy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amy and her husband did a great job updating their home and tackling DIY even though she mentions that they were not handy in the beginning. I love the planked wall in her dining space, very clever way to use old pallets.

  3. Hi Crystal, you are wonderful! So is this site! I have wanted to show people like forever that a mobile home can be lovely and unique without a ton of costs. Most of the problems with an older mobile are usually cosmetic and as we all know…that can be fixed! Upgrades are great too but already I have folks coming into ours and saying wow, this doesn’t feel like a mobile home (not sure what they expected but hey, it’s ok..I don’t mind ignorance) and they love our floor plan. Keep up the photos, they are very inspiring to see!

    1. Hi Carol! Thank you so much for your comment – it means a lot to me to hear readers enjoy MHL! I bet your home is gorgeous – I’m always looking for homes to feature – maybe we can work together and get yours on here!

      Thanks so much for your support and for reading MHL!

  4. Love these remodel photos! We bought a 2002 double wide 4 years ago after we sold our house and couldn’t find a house to rent near where we intended to build. We figured we’d live in it for a year then start building. The manufacturer we bought it from had repainted all of the rooms nice taupe and ivory colors and put in new carpet so it looked decent when we bought it. After 4 years, it is paid off and we have decided to just remodel and forget about building! Last month, we started slowly replacing all of the carpet and kitchen/dining linoleum with vinyl flooring that looks like aged barn wood. It’s looking great so far and now we are bringing in new kitchen appliances. I wish I would have thought to take before pictures. I know once we finish the floors we will be inspired to do more remodeling. I love seeing how others have remodeled their mobile homes!

    1. Hi Kelli!

      That is so smart of you! We always had a little nagging dream to build a small A-frame in the corner of our land but once we got settled and realized how affordable living here was we gave up the A-frame dream real quick! Why build a whole new home when you have a perfectly good one that can become anything you want?

      I would love to see your home when you get it finished! We don’t need before photos!

      Thanks so much for commenting – I hope to hear from you lots more!

  5. I have a 1985 mobile home that was given to us and we are having a hard time finding someone to help us make all the necessary repairs to it. Any suggestions would be helpful, there aren’t a lot of people that feel comfortable renovating a mobile home.

    1. Hi Angela!

      In some areas it is almost impossible to find contractors that will work on a mobile or manufactured home. I’m not sure why they are so opposed to them though – they’re easier to work on in my opinion. I’ve noticed that the larger contractor or construction companies are the ones that don’t like to take on mobile home jobs so try to stick to small but established contractors if possible.

      I would try Googling your town along with the words ‘mobile home contractor’ or ‘mobile home remodeling’. If that does’t work you could call a local manufactured home dealer and ask them to give you recommendations. They either do the work themselves or hire it out so they have to know someone and even if they do it themselves you may get lucky and be able to get one of their licensed workers to do a side job for you.

      There’s also Craigslist and the local trader papers. Large mobile home park managers may be able to help too. Just be sure they are licensed and check their references.

      Good luck! If you want to email me your location I can try to find a couple for you. My email is Thanks for reading MHL!

    2. We asked around and found a local retired carpenter, which worked out great. Also, you can usually find a local “handyman” advertising in your newspaper, craigslist, or facebook-marketplace. Of course it is better if you can talk to someone who has used them, but if you start with a small job for them, you will know soon if it is going to work out. There are some really good retired people with handyman skills, and time on their hands. The local senior center is a good place to ask around for that. They might not be an expert on everything, but usually know something about just about everything having to do with repairs, and can be a huge help. Teenage boys are great for helpers if you are doing most of the work yourself, because they have strong backs for carrying lumber, and are limber enough to crawl under the home. We have always done lots of remodeling ourselves, but now are getting a little older stiff knees and backs, and tend to use more helpers than we used to!

    1. Hi Deborah! There’s a thing I call the knee machine that stretches the carpet toward the wall and allows you to staple it around the edges (then you’d just add the trim around it).

    2. You need a knee kicker or a power stretcher. You can try to get it up like you said but you won’t get all the wrinkles out. Find a good carpet installer. It will be worth it and the carpet will last much longer if you do. My husband is an installer so I know much about carpet installation.

      1. Thanks Karen!

        I wasn’t sure what they were called but knee kicker makes sense! I have not been around too many carpet installers but whenever I have been I always wanted to ask if I could try it just once. It seems like a lot of aggression could be used

        I agree with you on hiring a good installer. Some things are just worth the price to have it done right and no amount of DIY projects can match the quality you get from hiring someone with experience. My husband is a master plumber and most of his craziest jobs has been repairing the things that homeowners have done themselves trying to save money. In the end it cost them more.

        Thanks so much for commenting and reading MHL! I appreciate you!

  6. Love the renovation! We just paid off our 1985 single wide last month. Now our renovations can begin. So far we have painted all the paneling a beautiful tan color which in itself made a world of difference. We are almost done with our bathroom renovation where we tore out the garden tub and put in a regular bath and shower. Still need to tear out the tiny shower in the corner and turn that into a closet. Next up we tackle the kitchen. It is too small with not a lot of storage. We currently have a make shift island that was a tv stand for now but hope to put in a real island and install a dishwasher. We currently have a portable one that takes up too much space. The living/dining area has an expando so that gives us extra space so we aren’t cramped. Just need to learn to de-junk. We’ve been here 18 months but moved from a 4 bedroom home and one bedroom is still filled to the ceiling so we still have much to go through but we are making progress. We will get there! Just wanted to share!

    1. Hi Karen! I bet your home is gorgeous and I’d love to add it someday! Thanks so much for commenting – I love to hear from other homeowners that are remodeling – it keeps me inspired! Thank you so much!