Learn More About Buying a Mobile Home in Kentucky

Our series continues this week with the resources you need when you are buying a mobile home in Kentucky. In case you missed it, last week the series provided valuable information about buying a mobile home in Colorado. Things like where to find a reputable dealer, who to turn to if there is an issue, and whether you will need to title your mobile home can all be found in our weekly series.

Mobile Home Statistics in Kentucky

According to Statemaster statistics, mobile homes make up almost 14% of housing in the state. Other facts we learned about Mobile Homes Living in Kentucky from Mobile Home Village include:

  • The average price of a pre-owned home: $68116
  • Average model year of a pre-owned home: 2007
  • The average pre-owned home size in square feet: 1473
  • Average number of sites in a manufactured home community: 97
  • An average year a community was developed: 1977
  • Number of age-restricted communities: 10
  • Number of all-age communities: 278

Buying a Mobile Home in Kentucky Resources

Kentucky Manufactured Housing Institute

There are many things to consider when you are buying a mobile home. Where to purchase, where to finance it, and where to place it after buying are just a few things to think about. That’s why state manufactured housing associations are such an excellent resource. The Kentucky Manufactured Housing Institute includes listings on their site for:

  • Dealers and Manufacturers
  • Communities
  • Financing and Insurance
  • Transporters/Installers

To be included on the site, the business must be certified or licensed and in good standing within the state. This is valuable information when you are making your mobile home purchase.

Does My Mobile Home Need a Title?

Like most states, Kentucky requires a mobile home that is not attached to the owner’s property to be titled. Titles are processed through the Kentucky DMV and can be filed in your local county clerks office.

If the home is permanently placed on real estate, it then converts into real property, and a deed is attached. The following are required to convert the home:

  • The Affidavit of Conversion to Real Estate must be filled out by the owner, signed and notarized
  • The title must be in the owner’s name that is processing the affidavit of conversion
  • There cannot be any outstanding property tax on the mobile home
  • All liens must be satisfied before converting a mobile home. Termination statement must be completed by the financial institution and signed, then submitted to the clerk.

Be aware, when purchasing a new mobile home from a retailer the title is usually handled at that time. Be sure to ask during the closing to be sure.

Addressing any Issues With Your Mobile Home

There are times after your new mobile home has been installed that things aren’t quite right. Whether it is a defect from the manufacturer or something went wrong during installation, you need to know what to do to get your issues resolved. Your first call should be to the dealer that you purchased the home from, each new home comes with a one year warranty just for these kinds of problems.

If you aren’t able to successfully get your issues resolved you may have to reach out to the HUD Manufactured Home Dispute Resolution Program in your state. Kentucky is one of 25 states that administers its own program, and you will need to file a complaint form with the Department of Housing, Building, and Construction
Manufactured Housing Division, to begin the resolution process. You can also contact them directly with any questions.

Department of Housing, Buildings & Construction
Division of Building Code Enforcement
Manufactured Housing Section
101 Sea Hero Road, Suite 100
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-5412
Phone 502-573-1795 Fax 502-573-1059

The Mobile Homes That Makeup Kentucky

Every week in our series we like to showcase a few of the homes that are available. This week there were almost 600 mobile homes for sale on Zillow, each offering different setups and designs.

buying a mobile home in kentucky-single wide
This is a well-maintained exterior.
buying a mobile home in kentucky-garage
Re-siding this home makes it look like the garage was always there.

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buying a mobile home in kentucky-double wide
Plenty of shade with this property.
buying a mobile home in kentucky-dw
Plenty of land accompanies this mobile home.

There are many excellent resources available if you are considering buying a mobile home in Kentucky. There are also plenty of mobile homes to choose from for sale in the state. Thanks to more financing options, buying a mobile home is becoming easier all the time!

Next week our series continues with resources when you are buying a mobile home in Washington. Stay tuned.

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