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6 Great Ways To Furnish Your Mobile Home With Pallets

Pallets are awesome! You can create just about anything with a wood pallet. From outside projects to inside ones pallets can be used to make furniture, wall decor, and even flooring!  We have put together some great ways to furnish your mobile home with pallets that we found online. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more awesome ideas.

 Our Beginner’s Guide To Pallet Projects is a great place for other ideas!

Living Room Entertainment Stand Perfect For Small Spaces

This curved entertainment center is perfect for small spaces.  There is plenty of storage space and room for a large tv to be anchored to the back.  You can see the plans for this awesome entertainment stand here.

Furnish your mobile home with pallets-entertainment centerPin
Great entertainment center for small spaces.

Stylish Dining Room Table

There are many different types of designs using wood pallets for dining room tables. What did we love about this one? The simple design.  Plus, it actually incorporates a couple of different kinds of leftover materials, pallets and an old door which is a really unusual way to use the pallet planks. You can find the details to this table here.

Furnish your mobile home with pallets-dining room tablePin
Great way to re-purpose wood pallets and old doors.

Creative Way To Add Storage In The Kitchen

If you have an open kitchen space and are looking for a way to add some additional storage and countertop space then this wood pallet project is a great way to furnish your mobile home with pallets.  The double shelving under the countertop is a great place to store kitchen appliances that you want to have easy access to or pantry items that you have no place to put.  The plans to this island and several more can be found here.

Furnish your mobile home with pallets-kitchen islandPin
Why not add both storage and countertop space.

Furnish your Mobile Home with Pallets: Rustic Bedroom Furniture

Going for a rustic look in the bedroom? This bed frame and nightstand would be a great way to furnish your mobile home with pallets to create that rustic look.

We love this headboard we found.  Not only does it have a rustic charm to it, it has built-in lights which are perfect for bedtime reading.

Furnish your mobile home with pallets-headboardPin
Gorgeous headboard.

If you are new to making your own DIY furniture this nightstand is a great way to furnish your mobile home with pallets and learn the process. Very simple design, with a bit of attention to detail to personalize it, this nightstand is a great first project. You can see this one and others here.

Furnish your mobile home with pallets-nightstandPin
This simple nightstand is a great first project.

Bonus:  Patio Furniture

We love this patio furniture made out of wood pallets.  So simple and yet so awesome!  Check out this great youtube video that describes the entire process here:

Now is a great time to start planning your first (or next) wood pallet project. Have a project you would like to share with our readers? Let us know, we would love to see it.

Can’t get enough pallet projects? Check out our Outdoor DIY Pallet Projects for Your Manufactured Home for more great ideas!

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Kim Alley

Kim Alley

Kim Alley has been a part of Mobile Home Living since 2017 and has written over 300 articles for the site.

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  1. And I just learned how to age wood to look like barn wood – just soak some plain steel wool in a glass jar of white vinegar (with the lid on). Wait a day or two and brush it on! Instant shades of grey (pardon the pun)! My pallet-wood wainscoting will be aged this way before I attach it to the wall. I’m excited!

  2. Okay, so this is just freaky coincidental… I just decided this week to use pallet wood as wainscoting in my living room and one wall in the kitchen/dining area. And this headboard is exactly what I had in mind for the master bedroom. What a timely post, Crystal! Thanks for reading my mind!

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