Buying A Home In Nevada Gray Double Wide In Park
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Today we are looking at info you might need when buying a mobile home in Nevada. Did you know that Nevada is one of the best places in the United States to retire? It’s no surprise that over 35% of their population over age 65. With no personal income tax and less than 10 inches of rain a year it sounds like a great place to settle down.

Mobile Home Living Facts about Nevada

All new manufactured homes are built specifically for different climates. Homes for the Southwest regions of the U.S. are constructed as energy efficient as possible to be cost-effective to cool.

Some other interesting facts from our friends at Mobile Home Village include:

The average price of a pre-owned home: $69201
Average model year of a pre-owned home: 1996
The average pre-owned home size in square feet: 1281
Average sites in a manufactured home community: 130
The average year a community was developed: 1991
Number of age-restricted communities: 53
Number of all-age communities: 151

Info You Can Use When Buying a Mobile Home in Nevada

Buyers Resources

Titling Your New Manufactured Home in Nevada

Whether your new home is new or just new to you, it will need to have a title recorded for it in the new owner’s name. However, unlike many states, you won’t apply for a title at your local DMV office. Instead, you will contact the Nevada Housing Division for Manufactured Housing. They will be able to guide you through the process.

Carson City Location

1830 E. College Pkwy., #120
Carson City, Nevada 89706
Phone: (775) 684-2940
Fax: (775) 684-2949

Las Vegas Location

3300 W. Sahara Ave., #320
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
Phone: (702) 486-4135
Fax: (702) 486-4309

You can also contact them to transfer your mobile home into real estate. They can give you all the necessary steps. Keep in mind, if you are purchasing from a dealer, this paperwork will usually be handled by them at the close of the sale.

buying a home in Nevada -
Awnings are a great addition to a home when shade is limited.

After Purchase Issues

We all hope that when we buy our new mobile home things will go flawlessly. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case in the US. The dealers seem to be just as shady as the builders when it comes to issues after the sale.

If your new manufactured home has construction defects the one-year warranty will help.

However, if the home was installed incorrectly or damaged during transportation you may be in for a fight. The blame game is often used by the dealer and the builder to try to get out of repairing an issue. The dealer claims a problem is a builder problem and the builder will claim it’s the dealer’s responsibility.

I’ve read that over 80% of all after-sale complaints about manufactured homes are actually due to improper installation which justs adds a whole new layer of frustration if you have a problem. If your home was damaged during transport it may technically be a dealer issue assuming the installers are a part of the dealership. However, many dealerships use “sub-contractors” that they hire out for installation so they can pass the blame to the ‘installation company.’

As soon as you see an issue, reach out to your dealer and be prepared to fight. Dealerships and builders typically have a whole staff that is in place just to handle those followup issues and they know every excuse in the book. Keep good records of any contact you have with them in case you can’t get the problem resolved.

If you have tried to resolve your issues directly with the dealer/manufacturer and haven’t had any luck, it may be time to file a HUD Manufacturing Housing Complaint. Nevada is one of about half the states across the country that handles their own disputes. You can find the form you need to file as well as instructions for filing and contact information on the Nevada Housing Division of Manufactured Housing Page.

Nevada Double Wide With Garage
Landscaping options are different in climates where grass isn’t popular.

Living in a Mobile Home in Nevada

There are over 700 available mobile homes listed on Zillow right now in Nevada. Whether you are looking for a retirement home in a community or looking to live in a warmer climate on your own land, there’s something for everyone! Here are just a few that we came across.

Buying A Mobile Home In Nevada Single Wide
This modern manufactured home design is becoming more popular in the East.

As you can see, Nevada doesn’t handle mobile homes much different than other states across the country. If you are thinking about buying a mobile home in Nevada and have questions please comment below and we will try and find an answer for you! If you’re wondering if we have covered your state yet, check out our state guide section for all states we have visited so far.

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.

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