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  1. Hi my husband and I purchased our first mobile home which is an older one 1987 last June. We weren’t to much knowledgeable about these homes we were in a situation we had to move so we purchased this home for 25,000 there was a lot of work that needed to be done such as the bathroom , kitchen we could only afford to have the tub put in theres so much still to be done the cabinet are dropping the porch is weak windows need to be replace what can we do we don’t have money anymore to fix these things i wish we had gotten an appraiser is there help or a funding program we’re both seniors i want it to look nice at least while we’re here what can we do.

    1. You can check out sites like Angie’s list or even just call companies that are listed locally online in your area. Just be sure to ask for references. And if they ask for full payment up front, that’s a big red flag!

  2. I have not been able to find any info on how to restore the old gutters on manufactured homes as far as the paint mostly worn off. I believe they are aluminum, there is no rust but there is some type of corrosion. What do I need to do to prepare them for paint and what type of paint when they are ready.

  3. Thanks so much for all of this great info! I just purchased a 14X48 on .21 acres in NE PA and am repairing it myself. I feel confident that I can do it because of folks like you who share articles, Youtube videos and the Tiny House workshop I attended a few years ago.
    I got a bargain that I was able to pay cash for and doing all of the work myself is a welcome project!!

  4. Hi Crystal,
    Like you I have a Homette. I am looking for 1 to 3 replacement knobs for my Tappan double oven. it might be 13-2626 model #M11 1331. double wide 1977 built in Oregon. I have saved some original hardware if you know of a need.

  5. Hi crystal we r mobile home owners n we live in Victorville ca. Its a older one n we would like to remodel exterior n inside but i am disabled i took sick in 2014 my question is is there anyone out here or resources that help us to fix up my home .thank you n God blessyou quisha.

      1. I’ve been trying to locate info specific to set up/properly installing ground contact bladder tanks for private wells. I can’t find ANYTHING that details insulating the crock against freezing at the ground level. When the tank is located UNDER the home, should it be perched above the grade, below, doesn’t matter?…. etc. I keep checking MHL but still yet to see comprehensive explanations on properly locating/ set up. Hope to soon! And ps…. DRIPPING SHUT OFF VALVES/BAD PACKING NUTS are a major cause of well-freeze ….in these types of installations! Thanks for the great work you guys do!

      2. Hi Bridgette,

        If I’m understanding you correctly I think the tank just needs to be level and only the waterline adaptors/connections (in and out) would need to be insulated since the tank doesn’t have water in it, only pressurized air. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Michelle!

      Great question! The walls are super thin so for anything heavy you will need to hit a stud (2 if possible). There some products like the drywall hangers but they don’t work well on VOG or POG wallboard. The gypsum is just too brittle and weak. I have had good results with the biggest Command strips for framed photos and canvas art.

      With shelving, you’ll want to make sure it is long enough to hit 2 studs so it’s important to know how far apart your framing is. Usually, it will be 12″, 16″ or 24″ apart and the studs on new homes will be 2×4’s so you have about 1.75″ to screw into. Older mobile homes may have smaller interior studs.


  6. Thank you for this great information. We just purchased a MH and I will use this for the inspection coming up. I wish we could take you along!

  7. This is a fantastic resource, Crystal! Thank you for compiling it. I’m a relatively new mh owner, retired and newly single, and I know I’ll be referring to this frequently. Bless you!

  8. hi I liked your article on plumbing! we are repairing a Fleetwood mobile model 2663L-61 I need a wiring diagram for the whole trailer.thanks

    1. Hi Mike,

      Unfortunately manufactured home builders rarely (if ever) release schematics on any model. I guess it’s because they build so many different models with different upgrades. Fortunately, mobile and manufactured homes are fairly simple to figure out. I’ve read that wiring is often run from the breaker box to the outlets at outlet level (about 12″ from the floor) or between the outlet and the switches on the perimeter walls with ceiling fixtures being run from the switches. I’m not at all knowledgeable about electrical stuff though so hopefully another reader can help.

      1. Home improvement stores sell wire sensors that can detect and trace wiring through the walls of a home. This should be even easier with the thin wallboard in mobile homes. If you just need to know what wires go where, you can determine that by shutting off the circuit breakers one by one and testing the switches and receptacles (outlets) to see if they are on or off. One good thing about mobile homes compared to site-built homes is that very few homeowners make modifications to the wiring. So you seldom have to worry that someone has done some unconventional “cowboy wiring” that’s not to Code and the wiring will generally follow predictable wiring conventions. Your stove and dryer will be on its own circuit and will have its own switch in your panel. Your receptacles (outlets) will usually be on separate circuits from your wall switches (unless the switch controls a receptacle rather than a light fixture) and the wiring for these is run at the level of the outlets. Copper wiring is expensive, so manufacturers don’t run wire up and down the walls needlessly.

  9. You have created a very informative blog. I with my design wife have transformed our MH into a living space that is unique, modern and comfortable. Our park has over 300 spaces. I am proud to claim we are in the top 3.

    I am retired. Many of our upgrades have been purchased through re-use stores. This is keen for maintaining a positive value proposition. Most of our projects, interior-exterior have been completed by us.

    I would be happy to provide photos or answer questions should there be additional interest in simple improvements that help reduce the stigma of a “trailer in a park”